5E Contest Award Ceremony & Winners Announcement!

Submitted by Serena Zerbinati on 05 May 2021

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The 5E Contest Award Ceremony was held on the occasion of the Smart Systems Integration Conference virtual edition, 27 April 2021!

The 5E Contest was organised in the framework of the 5E Project and wants to highlight the importance of outstanding electronics products in Europe and celebrate their excellence in the areas of nano-electronics (NE), flexible-organic and printed electronics (FOPE) and electronic smart systems (ESS). The aim of this initiative is to provide electronics innovators with:

  • Public recognition for their value, innovative contribution and impact at European level.
  • Support, visibility, promotion and dissemination through all project channels.

The Contest was free of charge and all-inclusive and applications were opened to all electronics innovators based in Europe: Start-ups, SMEs, LEs, RTOs, academia, EU-funded project consortia, but also user communities and the wider public.

The 5E consortium received in total 33 applications from 10 different countries! All the applications have been evaluated by 8 external evaluators representing the European Electronics Industrial Associations.

We are thrilled to announce the 5E Contest winners are:

>> CATEGORY 1 – Best electronics product developed in-house by any interested party

Sustainable Multifunctional Biface Sensor  | Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) | Austria

Silicon Austria Labs present a sustainable, multifunctional biface sensor based on their Janus technology that optimizes performance and minimizes material consumption by double-side printing. The tag includes a printed antenna, passive NFC chip and printed environmental sensors for humidity, temperature and strain. The Janus sensor can be game-changer in the field of wireless, low-cost, electronics for ubiquitous sensing applications. Equipped with a food save EVA sealing its range of applications can be tremendously expanded to include harsh environments and condition monitoring in the food industry. It can be fitted with and extended by virtually any desired sensors at minimal additional costs, as digital additive manufacturing technologies do not require stencils or tools. Due to its low-cost, environmentally compatible materials and the absence of a battery, the Janus sensor ushers in a new era of sustainable electronic sensor systems.

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>> CATEGORY 2 - Best electronics product developed in the context of a funded project

Sensys: The Electrochromic Fish  | VTT | Finland

The SENSYS platform represents cutting edge printed electronics in the form of a multiple printed SENsor SYStem (SENSYS). It is comprised of several co-planar electrochromic displays printed onto a singular PET foil along with the printed sensors and hybrid electronics integration. The displays and electronics are integrated with four printed sensors: temperature, pressure, capacitive touch, NFC antenna. The product is designed in the shape of a fish with a five channel display (on the main body) to show the sensitivity of the pressure and temperature sensors; with the NFC antenna used to sense an NFC signal. Two smaller displays show which sensors are active. The active sensor is selected using the printed capacitive touch sensor.

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>> CATEGORY 3 - Best electronics product convergence among the Electronics Areas

Lilith  | HYPE S.r.l.  | Italy

Lilith is an automatic and autonomous intervention system in the event of violence against women, consisting of a smart garment, a body declined in several versions, equipped with textile sensors integrated into the fabric that acquire real-time data of a different nature: kinetic data (accelerations, displacements, body position, pressure exerted on some areas) and biometric (heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and electrodermal activity). The signals, through a small electronic module integrated into the dress, are sent to a mobile app, which can be installed on common smartphones and tablets, where they are analyzed. In case of consistency with situations of violence, danger or malaise, the app activates an alarm by sending a message with the victim’s general information and geolocation. The system is also able to create a mesh network with compatible devices to ensure the forwarding of the alarm even in the event of malfunctions of the device that originates the alert.

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We thank again all participants for their involvement! You can always discover more on these innovations on our Digital Showcase!

It is possible to download the presentation of the 5E Contest Award Ceremony here.

The Coordination and Support Action 5E has received funding from the European Community’s Programme Horizon 2020 under GA Number: 825113.

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