5 textile SMEs have started partnerships to develop smart textiles thanks to AEI Tèxtils cluster

Submitted by Josep Casamada on 10 September 2021

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Smart textiles are a major opportunity for textile SMEs to launch high added value products and to increase their competitiveness. However, its development requires expertise outside the textile domain, particularly in electronics and data processing.

AEI Tèxtils, the cluster of advanced textile materials in Catalonia, is leading the European network CONTEXT which aims to bridge the gap between research and industry and connect cross-sectoral innovation. Thanks to this network, the cluster can facilitate the matchmaking of needs between its members and the CONTEXT network experts.

5 cluster members, with ambitions to enter this domain, have identified partners thanks to the support from the cluster that led to the development of innovation projects to prototype functional demonstrators.

Marc Ponsa, CEO of ETISILK, considers the support of the cluster vital to identify the right partners and funding opportunities. His enthusiasm for horse-riding and his experience in the textile industry have propelled his interest to develop a smart textile solution that merges both passions.

Ricard Cima, CEO of E. CIMA, is proud of the support of AEI Tèxtils to identify a technology provider to develop smart textiles with which the company has established a long-term collaboration. E. CIMA has always strived to be at the forefront of innovation.

C.P. ALUART, led by Pol Aluart, is working with a regular collaborator of the cluster, Dr. Daniela Zavec, who is providing her expertise on smart textiles to develop a smart work wear.

Manufacturas Arpe, led by its CEO Joan Pera, developed a new generation of face masks using smart textiles. The know-how acquired during the process will facilitate the uptake of technology to transform ARPE’s products into smart.

Lastly, Salvador Aymerich, General Manager of CINPASA, finds critical the cluster support received to reach the current point where CINPASA is implementing two prototyping and demonstration projects to make smart tapes and revolutionize the sector into high added value materials.

Currently, those companies are starting the market scaleup and launch and others are following to increase their added value. The final products will be showcased during Techtextil 2022 at AEI Tèxtils booth.

In order to increase the knowledge on market and technological trends about smart textiles, to upgrade their skills and better support its members, part of the cluster staff is participating at the European Masterclass "Innovating in Smart Textiles", organized by the Textile ETP and the Slovenian company Titera.

Furthermore, the cluster has engaged seven of its members that are also participating in the masterclass.

AEI TÈXTILS and its members’ testimonial: https://youtu.be/-C73fwr8GdE

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