4 Reasons to Outsource your Web Development Tasks to Eastern Europe

Submitted by clusterburgas on 27 February 2018

Outsourcing company tasks has become a life-saver for many contemporary businesses. It's the contemporary vow between two companies promising to remain together in sickness and in health, rich and poor, in sorrow and in joy. Besides of its popularity, the concept of outsourcing still remains a mystifying substance. So, let's see what outsourcing actually is about:

Outsourcing is the practice of delegating company tasks, services or product manifacture to an individual or another company, in order to save costs and time.

As the definition suggests, the practice of outsourcing originated from company shortages of time, cost, or qualified personnel. Contemporary businesses cover more areas of activity than ever before. That, on the other hand, often leads to lack of in-house resources resulting in seeking the help of external parties.

While in the beginning of the century the top destinations for BPO's were India, China, and Malaysia, the past few years have brung some change. A change which in its nature is a development in economics, politics, and culture, reshaped the whole modern perception of the business. This new perspective brought Eastern Europe to the attention of companies looking for outsourcing opportunities.

With its fast-growing economy, Eastern Europe quickly became the residence of bright-minded talented employees offering the best value for money in the IT, Web Development, and Technical Industries. That's why outsourcing in the region became a frequent practice for many West European and American businesses. Web development outsourcing companies in the region became more successful than ever.

1. Cost-effective Web Development Companies

While sustaining competitive prices should be an important task for any company offering certain services, it cannot be the only priority. Most of the modern businesses have been torn between the expensive high-quality onshore options and the cheap yet often low-quality of the offshore ones.

Eastern Europe offers a great balance between the two as here what you pay is what you get. Furthermore, countries such as Bulgaria, Poland, and Romania might even surprise you with a much higher quality than what you would expect for the price.

  • Bulgaria was ranked 1st in Europe for the most attractive outsourcing destination in 2014 AT Kearney Global Services Location Index.
  • In another study, Tholons 2016 Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations, many cities from the region performed better than expected. Poland was leading with Krakow in the 9th place.

Many more statistics keep coming to mind when trying to illustrate the cost-effectiveness vs low-cost of the Eastern European web development. Some of the most important factors to keep in mind, however, remain the thousands of successful projects done by local website developers and web app developers demonstrating their masterful skills and hard-work.

2. Highly-educated Web Developers

The quality/price ratio wouldn’t be so great if the region didn’t provide a great education in the fields of Web Development and Computer Studies. While Western European universities remain the leaders in the field, Bulgaria and Romania share close second.

In our case, Burgas is one of Bulgaria’s treasure islands as here reside some of the best web developers in the country. With clients from the US and Western Europe outsourcing their tasks here, the city becomes one of the most trusted places in Eastern Europe for business relations. This is due to exact reasons mentioned above. We, from ICT Burgas, connect any business looking for outsourcing opportunities with the appropriate local company and guarantee their efficiency and premium quality.

With more than 30% of the population holding university degrees, Bulgaria offers some of the most educated professionals.

Last year, HackerRank published a study of the countries with the best developers in the world. Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Bulgaria were ranked among the top 15 in the world, also leading the list for best Java and Python developers.

While these statistics may come as a surprise to you, it was no surprise for everyone who has ever worked with local experts. The geographic benefits of the region generated a great base for the large talent pool of programmers, designers, and everything in-between.

3. Cultural Proximity

Outsourcing your tasks to another company is an important decision you shouldn’t neglect. Some of the most important factors to keep in mind were already mentioned but there’s one that often goes unnoticed by big companies: the cultural affinity.

While some developers might offer extremely low prices for their services, they often get lost in the translation when it comes to the final product. It’s not necessarily due to a low-quality of service, it’s rather because of the cultural gap that still remains sufficient between the Western and the Eastern cultures.

Eastern Europe has proved to combine the best of the two worlds. The local developers not only understand incredibly well but also have an active role in the modern technological development. Thus, giving them an expertise in the field. They also possess the European values of business attitude, ethics, and language expression that might seem foreign for the offshore developers. Design and aesthetics perception are also factors that should be taken into consideration when hiring a web development outsourcing company.

4. Advanced Mobile Web Development

The huge modern hype around web app development didn’t omit Eastern Europe. On the contrary, it provoked the local developers into creating some extremely popular and highly-valued apps on your smartphones.

Whether we’re talking about complex user interfaces or significant backend work, the local professionals got your back. The app development here is huge as it can be done at unexpectedly low prices while keeping the quality premium.

IOS / ANDROID $95 $60 $175 $75 $40 $130 $40 $25 $75
JS $84 $55 $150 $65 $30 $125 $33 $25 $70
UI $100 $70 $160 $65 $30 $150 $40 $20 $75
UX $100 $75 $170 $70 $30 $140 $40 $20 $90

Source: mobiversal.com

A quick comparison of the American and Western European prices to the ones in Central and Eastern Europe will provide you with enough insight on the benefits of the local market.

Yet, the priorities when creating a mobile product remain its efficiency, user-friendliness, and speed. The smart resource organization and the in-depth understanding of the contemporary users makes Eastern European app developers some of the best out there.

To summarize:

While the modern market might seem flooded by web developers on every corner, finding someone who will possess the necessary skills and who will understand your brand voice might be harder than expected. That’s why offshore outsourcing can hide some risks.

Nevertheless, the past few years have proved that there is, in fact, a region that will provide the necessary cost-effectiveness, high value, cultural affinity, and modern skills that will give life to company tasks. Eastern Europe is quickly becoming the leader in web development outsourcing companies and it seems like this tendency won’t change in the near future.

If you’re looking for partner from the region, we - from ICT Burgas, could connect any business looking for outsourcing opportunities with the appropriate local company and guarantee their efficiency and premium quality.

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