2nd Inter-consortia meeting within Cluster excellence projects

Submitted by Daniela Kostova on 02 November 2018

The second Inter-consortia meeting was, organised by the European Commission in Brussels from 25 to 26 October.

During the first day, Cluster excellence projects were presented, including the TRACE-KEI project along with Cosmenerg, Clusgrid, Ecri and Inno-Drop projects. The purpose of this event was to present the achievements, obstacles and lessons learned from cluster managers, related to the implementation of their strategies at national and international level.

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The second day was dedicated to a large-scale cluster event bringing together more than 100 representatives of cluster organizations and representatives of the European Commission who are closely involved in the development of cluster policies.

The participants discussed what are the most effective ways to support businesses and how international cluster partnerships could become strategic, sustainable and mutually compatible. This information will feed into the Smart Guide on European Strategic Cluster Partnership, being prepared by the European Observatory for Clusters and Industrial Change.

The cluster managers have proposed more than 13 priority topics for discussion to design new cluster services for SMEs, identify the right international partners, create new learning and information services and platforms as European Cluster Collaboration Platform


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