2nd EiA SDG session - highlights

Submitted by Catarina M on 29 June 2022


The 2nd EiA SDG session is now available as a podcast.

Some highlights from the invited speakers:

“Knowing how to put all the knowledge together. […] There’s a challenge here and it needs technological knowledge, science, local culture, indigenous knowledge – […] The challenge is how then do you package this, what do you prioritise, what do you deprioritise, that process is very difficult and lengthy. […] I think that’s a skill that is built over time and that’s why you find, especially in startup environments, in large corporations, people who have own this skill” - Elsie Onsongo (International Centre for Frugal Innovation).

“It starts very closely to what they are already doing and then add small things together with them to see if we can make it a little bit more entrepreneurial – and make sure that it fits what they are already doing. […] I think you have to be equal partners. I would even say that, in this case, let Kwadaso Agricultural College be in the lead” - Lindsey Schwidder (TUDelft).

“We often begin with the first stage of design thinking in trying to understand what is the issue or the limitation that is occurring. […] The main reason why we chose design thinking is because it allows room for error and it allows room to going back to the drawing board […] and not being afraid to change halfway through. […] We are very flexible in the way we move forward” - Ana Djú (UNDP Guinea-Bissau Accelerator Lab)

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