The 2nd of December connects with the packaging sector in the Strategic Dive 2021 reCONNECT edition of the Packaging Cluster

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 08 November 2021

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  • Packaging Cluster invites its members and main stakeholders in the field of packaging to participate in the Strategic Dive 2021 reCONNECT that will take place on December 2 in the Llotja de Mar
  • About 150 attendees are expected to be part of the agenda: a programme of conferences on talent, innovation, new taxes and sustainability, among other insights; an exhibition area with key industry representatives; and a networking meeting point, in an emblematic place, in which to share experiences

In its ninth edition, the Strategic Dive of Packaging Cluster returns to offer a meeting point to its almost 120 associate members, after months of virtual activities and postponed meetings, in a locatin with more than 8 centuries of history, the Llotja de Mar de Barcelona.

Inspiring conferences, exhibition area, business opportunities and a lot of networking, in the reCONNECT edition of the event, organised by Packaging Cluster, in an enclave with great commercial journey over the years and perfect for hosting the exhibitors of the event with its latest innovations.

The agenda of the Strategic Dive 2021 reCONNECT will begin with a netwoking coffee at 10 a.m., in order to star the first contact between the attendees and exhibitors, in the Hall of the Consuls, room with a great architectural appeal.

At 10.45h, the President of Packaging Cluster, Martina Font, together with Mònica Roca i Aparici, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, will make the institutional welcome that will give the kick-off to the presentations of the day.

The first expert of the day will be Esteve Almirall, Professor of the ESADE Business School with specialisation in Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Cities. Almirall will explain the keys to knowing “How to compete? Our big problem!” in a context of high complexity and difficult differentiation from the multitude of options in the market.

At 12.10 pm, Juan José Blanco and Efrem Siles, specialised in environmental legislative management and indirect taxes of the renowned consultant KPMG Lawyers, will be responsible for giving visibility and answering the doubts that arise regarding the new tax on non-reusable plastic packaging that will enter into force in the first quarter of 2022, and which affects all companies that manufacture, import or make intra-Community acquisitions of disposable plastic packaging.

Next, Markus Schmid, Director of the Institute of Sustainable Packaging at the German University Albstadt-Sigmaringen will present from a research perspective the application projects for food packaging that seek to provide sustainable solutions that reduce food waste thanks to the latest technologies.

The last presentation before the lunch will focus on “the importance of talent in the new era”, by Mònica Utrera, executive expert in the management of leadership and talent in entities such as Euncet, with whom we will learn how to achieve the highest standards of performance in our organisations and management of the people that make up these organisations.

At 16.00h the programme of presentations will be closed with a round table sponsored by Lubrizol and with the moderation of Sergio Escuriet, Global Applications Manager Printing & Packaging, composed of: Ana Palencia, Director of Communication, Unilever; Borja Lafuente, Head of Sustainability of Southern Europe Danone and Joan Sabartes, Director of Operations at Bonpreu-Esclat. With these three brands of reference nationally and internationally, we will discuss topics such as the post-pandemic context, business changes to adapt to sustainability criteria, consumer demands or the shortage of raw materials, a concern that today occupies the front pages of the media.

After the talks, you can enjoy a relaxed cocktail among the attendees to discuss the content shared during the day.

In addition, from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m., you can visit the exhibition area of the event where companies or entities such as ABB, AIS Vision Systems, ENPLATER, Lecta, Lubrizol, Pick & Pack, The Pack Finder or Tai Smart Factory will exhibit their maximum innovations to the more than 150 expected attendees. You are still on time to participate in the Strategic Dive 2021 reCONNECT as a sponsor of the event, just contact us at [email protected]

Reconnect with the packaging sector in the Packaging Cluster Strategic Dive 2021 reCONNECT!

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