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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the confinement, secpho has launched an iniative for it's cluster members to get to know each other better and explore synergies and collaboration opportunities. Thus, every Friday there are online sessions called “who is who?” that present leading entities in technological innovation in Spain, with the aim to raise their visibility.

On this occasion we make a special edition in English about experts in integrated photonics circuits, an emerging technology called to revolutionize different areas of technology and multiple industrial sectors such as telecommunications, biotechnology or aerospace, among others.

It is a luxury to be able to count on this webinar with the greatest experts from Spain in this field explaining their latest developments. These sessions will also be recorded and published on our website and youtube channel so that our members get provided with a video-presentation.

Aimed at

  • Technical, R&D and innovation managers from sectors where both the miniaturization of devices is critical.

  • Experts in integrated photonics.

  • Anyone who wants to know closely and in a short and direct format, the names of those who are leading the integrated photonics in our country.


12:00 Welcome and webinar presentation Sergio Sáez | secpho

12:05 Pending title José Capmany | Ipronics

12:20 Pending title Iñigo Artundo| VLC Photonics

12:35 Pending title Domenico Tulli | Quside

12:50 Silicon nitride photonics – open foundry ecosystem and Spanish technologies Pascual Muñoz | Photonics Research Labs

13:05 SiN Photonic platform for ASPICs (Application Specific Photonic Integrated Circuits) Jad Sabek | IMB-CNM

13:20 Pending title Jimena García-Romeu | Alcyon Photonics

13:35 Pemnding title Eduardo Margallo| Ommatidia

13:50 Multi-Channel Photonics Alignment (FMPA) technology Thomas Etzkorn | micos Iberia

14:05 End of webinar

Technical requirements for attending the webinar

We will use the Cisco Webex platform which is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. You can use browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. You can also attend the webinar through mobile devices using the free Webex apps for iOS and Android.

Location and date

22 May 2020 - 22 May 2020

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