In this matchmaking event participant SMEs of the INAH project will have the opportunity to present their work in developing a better structure, security, medical knowledge, tools and privacy-by-design to health data access of the Walloon region for research purposes. SMEs from the Health or IT domains will then have the opportunity to pitch-present their ideas for building projects with application in the medical diagnostics domain and the possibility of using the INAH health data infrastructure. The aim in this event is to match SMEs and create potential collaborations for applying for the DigiBCube open call vouchers or other funding opportunities. It is to be noted that the webinar will be conducted in French.

About the INAH project

INAH aims at creating a medical platform for enabling the ethical access and analysis of medical data based on an innovative federated health network. It covers both academic and applied research purposes. Key drivers are the societal profitability dimension and the improvement of patient follow-up.


Session 1 The INAH platform: your medical data platform
Session 2 INAH case study presented by DNAlytcis
Session 3 The legal and ethical aspects of of medical data exploitation (and how INAH can frame this)
Session 4 Introducing the Digi-B-Cube project and open call (in English)
Session 5 Pitch presentations of medical diagnostic project ideas by SMEs from the health and IT domains
  Questions and answers


Admission to the webinar is free.

Register here:

Registration to participate in the webinar is open until December 03, 2020.

A link to the virtual event will be sent to registered participants prior to the event. For any questions, please contact Magalie Meyer at magalie.meyer 

Location and date

04 December 2020 - 04 December 2020
Virtual event
Cluster organisation
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