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BAE Systems is inviting Danish defence and security companies to demonstrate their capabilities and technologies with the objective of becoming a supplier or innovation partner. The Trade Council at the Royal Danish Embassy in London and CenSec is organising an introduction to BAE Systems Maritime Services Innovation Lab to provide Danish defence and security companies an opportunity to meet and discuss potential ways of collaboration.

Online Information Meeting
We are hosting an online information meeting on Thursday 16 March 2023, 11:00 – 11:45.
The online information meeting will answer your qustions regarding the possibilities to become an Innovation Partner to BAE Systems. Sign up here.

Programme outline
The programme offered will run in two phases:

Phase 1: A screening process will take place where BAE Systems will review your company’s compatibility with the current requirements.
Phase 2: If found compatible in phase 1, your company will be invited for a meeting face-to-face providing an opportunity to present your company’s technologies and solutions to BAE Systems. This meeting is scheduled to take place 16 May at BAE Systems Maritime Services Innovation Lab in Portsmouth.

BAE Systems Innovation scouts are looking for:

Coating (high pressure/high temperature)
Warship support
Renewable technologies, including fuel cells
Multi mission modules (Containerization)
Maritime counter drone technology
Metal spraying (portable additive manufacturing – in particular for anti-corrosive materials)
Refrigeration efficiency
Læs mere om BAE Systems Innovation Labs her.

Participation fee

Phase 1: Free of charge
Covers access to the screening process and review by BAE Systems.
Phase 2: DKK 5,280 DKK
Covers a meeting programme 16 May with BAE Systems in Portsmouth

Delegation Dinner 15 May in Portsmouth
Pitches and meeting BAE Innovation Team
Tour of the Facilities
Meeting Defence Attaché, Jan Toft
Companies that are selected to participate in phase 2 will pay DKK 5,280 not including flight and accommodation. Gatwick is the nearest airport.

Please fill in the associated PPT document in order to describe your company background and solutions. Deadline for signing up to the programme is 28th March 2023.

If you wish to be part of the programme sign up for the free screening process here. And please e-mail the completed powerpoint document to: [email protected] no later than 28th March.

CenSec, Susanne Bruun Sørensen: [email protected]
Danish Embassy London, Ilana Krasnik: [email protected]

Location and date

Virtual Event

Cluster organisation
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