IoT4Industry is happy to invite you at the IoT4Industry Final Event (6th October 2.15-2.55 UK TIME!), the H2020 project enabling the European manufacturing SMEs to integrate the use of IoT to enhance their productivity.  These 2 years have been fruitful and inspiring for us! We allocated 3.7 million Euros distributed to 40 brilliant projects and now it’s time to celebrate!

The IoT4Industry Final Event will take place inside the MTC Digitalising Manufacturing Online Conference (5-6 October 2020), a two-day event full of workshops, networking, panel discussions, real manufacturing studies on manufacturing.

In this inspiring contest “will air” on 6th October with two special sessions:  

  • In the first session, ”IOT4INDUSTRY AWARD CEREMONY” (2.15-2.55 UK TIME!) we will give you an overview of the project’s results, we will award the three best IoT4Industry video contest projects between the 40 projects we have funded and we will present three examples of IoT implementation into manufacturing (Digital Experience)!

  • The second round ”IOT SOLUTIONS AND NEW EU FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES: A TALK WITH” will air at the end of the afternoon (4.30 PM UK TIME!) where EU experts will give an overview of the future EU funding opportunities, and other IoT4Industry funded projects will present their Industrial IoT solutions. 


  • You can join the event safely from anywhere in the world whilst still watching physical and digital demonstrators, interactive sessions and networking opportunities,

  • You have complete freedom and flexibility with on demand access to all the conference material,

  • You can join the IoT4Industry Final event, discovering the latest news concerning IIoT and get in contact with EU experts for an open discussion on the future EU funding opportunities,

  • You can join free a number of insightful keynote presentations, educational workshops, and panel discussions with manufacturing experts from around the world,

  • You can book your 1-TO-1 CLINICS, a new feature available to all delegates that offers tailored guidance and support for large manufacturers, supply-chain organisations and start-up companies.

  • You can join separate rooms throughout the conference, where you will have the opportunity small groups’ discussion with experts about a variety of topics concerning advanced manufacturing

GET YOUR FREE TICKET HERE  here : You will receive the interactive agenda with inside all the meetings links

Location and date

05 October 2020 - 06 October 2020
United Kingdom
Cluster organisation
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