As announced already during the virtual kick-off meeting and also during the European cluster conference in Prague, INGENIOUS consortium would like to organise a Peer Learning Meeting (PLM) with all Euroclusters, which are interested to work together and share experiences. We all know that Eurocluster projects are very ambitious and we think that we could combine some of our activities together.
We would like to organise the first PLM on the 22nd of November from 9:30 – 11:00 am CET.
As we would like to have regular meetings (every 2-3 months), the format of the meetings would be rotational and each successive meeting would be organised by another partnership.
MODERATOR: Lubos Komarek Ingenious/Nanoprogress
9:30 Opening remarks by Ingenious coordinator Ewa Rekosz
9:31 Presentation of a possible Eurocluster platform / Jose Ramón Natal
9:36 Presentation of Ingenious activities/Ewa Rekosz (Energy Intensive Industries)
9:43 Presentation of xBUILD-EU activities /Josep Casamada (Textile, Digital Industries, Construction)
9:50 Presentation of Euroboostex activities / Josep Casamada (Textile)
9:57 Presentation of CircInWater activities / Marisa Fernandez Soler (Water, Energy Intensive Industries, Agri-Food)
10:04 Presentation of RE-CENTRE activities / Irene Burroni (Digital Industries, Cultural and Creative Industry)
10:11 Presentation of RESIST on mobility activities / Auriane AGARD (Mobility Industry)
10:18 Presentation of B-Resilient activities / Yuan CHAI (Agri-Food)
10:25 Presentation of Metastars activities / Maude PERIER-CAMBY (Aerospace & Defence)
10:32 Presentation of EPICENTRE activities / Nuria Serra (Digital Industries, Agri-Food, Health)
10:39 Discussion, Questions, setting the next PLM date and organiser
11:00 End

Web meeting link:
ID de réunion : 368 039 587 406
Code secret : szjpoR

Location and date

Virtual Event