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The Green Deal is the challenge and task of the European Commission and the European Union to make Europe more sustainable. Lightweight construction will play an essential role in this, which is why the European Lightweight Construction Association, is calling on you to participate in the second ELA Goes Live event, which will be host by the Association member, MetaIndustry4.

Furthermore we would like to call on you to present an exciting project of yor organization, best practices or some lesson learnt that include the application of the newest technologies.

If you would like to participate in this Knowledge exchange dynamic, just get in touch with the MetaIndustry4 team by email ([email protected])

The agenda for the event will be the following:

  • 9:00 am  Greetings, Introduction and online rules. José Ramón Natal. Cluster manager from MI4
  • 9:05 am  Welcome.
    • Eva Pando Managing Director of Institute of Economic Development of   Principality of Asturias IDEPA.
    • Guillermo Ulacia President of MI4
  • 9:20 am  Power up. What can do lightweight technology for a cleaner and more   efficient industry? Perspective from Europe
    • Wolfgang Seeliger. Leichtbau BW. To be confirmed
    •  Tanja Fluegel. Bayern Innovativ
    • Wolfgang Bohmayr. Cluster-Manager Polymer-Technolog
    • Leendert den Haan. Hightech Zentrum Aargau
  • 10:00 am  Knowledge exchange dynamic. What can do lightweight technology   for a cleaner and more efficient industry? 
    • Opportunities and experiences from Asturias
    • EU Opportunities from companies and organizations of ELA members
  • 11:30 am   Wrap Up and end of the event.
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