Building upon the hugely successful 2021 EACP Virtual B2B with around 1000 participants, EACP and EEN will replicate that event in September 2022. From 21-23 September, companies and stakeholders from all over the globe will gather online for a half-day conference followed by two days of high-level virtual B2B sessions. The subject of this year’s B2B will be Sustainable Aviation. On 21 September, we will kick off the event with the virtual conference “Survival of the Greenest – The Path to Carbon-Neutral Aviation”. After a short introduction, we will delve into the subject with two exclusive panels. The first panel “Mapping the Road to Sustainable Aviation” will set the scene through the eyes of OEMs and Airlines and highlight challenges and opportunities Sustainable Aviation presents. The second panel “Enabling Sustainable Aviation – Roles and Perspectives of Technology Providers” will then deep dive into the technologies needed for going down that path and consist of researchers and practitioners in the field of SAF, Hydrogen, Electric Flying and Engine Manufacturing.

The event will be open to almost all types of organizations and have bilateral meetings sections. In these sections, the organizations will have opportunities to get new contact and meet with new potential partners to cooperate.

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