In the course of the Paris Air Show, European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP) organizes the first Global Aerospace Cluster Manager Meeting. The number of participants at the event will be limited to 60 to ensure a fruitful discussion for all participating members. As of today EACP already holds 41 clusters from 15 countries. The overall objective is to initiate a discussion for the build-up of a global network in which all aerospace cluster managers are linked through more efficient and faster communication paths. By doing so, a construct of multilateral cooperation is aimed for in form of a global network, stepping away from the current bilateral cooperation. EACP is currently exploring this idea and trying out with 6 target regions within the EACP ABROAD project funded by the EU COSME programme.

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Location and date

23 June 2017 - 23 June 2017
10 rue Traversière
75012 PARIS