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DTA, the Municipality of Bari, and the Apulia Region are organizing in the Fiera del Levante complex, in the city of Bari, the international event Drones Beyond 2022, as part of the "Bari Open Innovation Hub" project, funded by the Ministry of Economic Development and the European Development and Cohesion Fund through the "House of Emerging Technologies" call, of which ENAC, the Italian CAA, is a key partner. The initiative is supported by, among others, UIC2 (Urban-Air-Mobility Initiative Cities Community), EUROCONTROL, and EU Network of U-space Stakeholders.

The event includes the involvement of various operators and enterprises of the Urban Air Mobility sector, who will carry out demonstrations of technologies and services in different operational scenarios, as well as other national and international players that will be present at the conferences and static exhibition. A series of activities aimed at school and university student will also be held, with the hope of engaging and inspiring the new generations.

This year’s event starts the operation of Bari Urban Drone Range, representing a further step in creating a community that operates as the Apulian node of a national and international network to develop the UAM sector. This community consists of public and private actors, industry and academia, service providers and users, and sees its strengths in the availability and possibility of creation of the necessary expertise, and in the availability of valuable testing infrastructures in Bari (Urban Drone Range) and Grottaglie (Grottaglie Airport Test Bed) to support the development of the future solutions.

The event is in presence, but a web live streaming of the event will be provided. For more information and registration visit www.dtascarl.org.

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