DIA  members and clusters allies on TOUR! First stage in Turin (14th September 2018) 

On the occasion of the INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING TOWARDS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES: BEST PRACTICES AND GRANTS, Turin 14th September 2018, DIA clusters and companies will participate to BtoB BtoC meetings and the European Launch IoT4Industry Innovation Vouchers for collaborative projects

During the Turin event DIA will also show the strategy in Europe to foster SMEs digital transformation and growth and the road to digitalization and focus about trends and needs in the European ecosystem with partners like MTC, Telecom Italia and a large manufacturer.

Discover the Turin Agenda and register here for B2B /B2C  (B2b/b2C deadline 5th September 2018)

The event is part of a two days meeting: in fact, on 13thSeptember DIA members and related companies will visit a MESAP company in road to its personal digital transformation. An opportunity to focus on digital topics, share best practice and discuss about needs. (Ask your cluster how to join the visit!).

MESAP Innovation Cluster in the fields of Smart Products and Manufacturing enhances the competitiveness of its 257 Members, including 2 Universities and 8 Research Centres all over the world. MESAP in Piedmont Region (North-West of Italy) is based in Turin the 1st capital of a united Italy: it recently has been awarded as one of the 20th cities with the most trees around the world. Piedmont Region wisely mixes its long industrial tradition in automotive, aerospace, ICT and smart manufacturing sectors with premises like FCA, Leonardo, COMAU with the UNESCO-listed landscape of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato appetizing areas for wine, chocolate (Ferrero), PGI Hazelnut, white truffles and its sensitivity for the beauty in the East of the Region (Biella Cashmere & textile District and Valenza Gold District).

Discover more about the INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING TOWARDS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES: BEST PRACTICES AND GRANTS, Turin 14th September 2018,  and register here to join B2B and B2C Meetings.

Check the financing opportunities of the Call for collaborative Projects here to support cross-border collaboration between SMEs and other RDI actors of the ICT and advanced manufacturing sectors through innovation vouchers (here)

Turin Agenda 14th September 2018

Stay tuned to discover next European Stage!

Location and date

14 September 2018 - 14 September 2018
Via Manfredo Fanti 17
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