Will your business be part of the Next Big Thing in food ?

Food business innovation is being driven by demands from both consumer and industry : sustainable, transparent, personalised, connected foods and services…. but still meeting key needs for pleasure and health.

Appetite for Innovation is your chance to connect to key innovators and knowledge/expertise providers within the Vitagora community, to address these new challenges and seize opportunities for innovation and growth for your business.

The whole of Vitagora’s network at your fingertips

Appetite for Innovation is organised by Vitagora, one of Europe’s leading industry clusters for food innovation, with over 370 active members.

Taking part in this 7th edition of Appetite for Innovation is your chance to discover Vitagora’s cutting-edge science and technology capabilities, to help you meet your food business needs and become part of the next big thing in food.

Targeted, confidential business meetings

At the previous two editions of Appetite for Innovation:

  • 90 participants and 350 business meetings PER EVENT
  • Participants included representatives of: Danone, McCain, Suntory, Servair, Barilla, Invivo, Seb group, Orange, Tereos etc.


Contact us to find out more: Anne-Céline Renaud, International Outreach Officer, Vitagoraanne-celine.renaud [at] +33 (0) 3 80 78 77 41

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