The commercial success of plastics as a packaging product is due to a combination of flexibility (from film to rigid applications), strength, lightness, stability, impermeability and ease of sterilisation. These features make plastics an ideal packaging material for all sorts of commercial and industrial users.

It is therefore not surprising that nearly 40% of the production of plastics is intended for packaging.

Plastic and its technical aspects will thus be the driving themes of the 4th work mission of AdPack hosted by Plastiwin from 11/10 to 13/10, 2017. Our Czech, German, Portuguese and Swedish partners will join us and meet our members, mostly SMEs, to accompany them to companies and research center active in the packaging:

  • The IBE-VBI is a research, training and testing center in the field of plastic and cardboard packaging;
  • Sabert, the European headquarters of the homonymous American multinational, manufactures disposable food packaging and utensils;
  • Finally, Total's research center is dedicated to developing raw materials for packaging including multi-layer extrusion with a barrier film...

We would be very happy if you and your cluster members would participate in these events. Please contact me for any additional information you may have needed.

Preliminary agenda for the 4th working mission in Wallonia

[email protected]

Location and date

11 October 2017 - 13 October 2017
Rue des Pôles
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