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Innovations – intelligent solutions – new technologies. A must for mould makers.

The only trade fair in Poland gathering bidders and decision-makers responsible for the development of the tooling and processing industry in Poland will be held this year, exceptionally, in autumn, from September 27-29 in Bydgoszcz. The INNOFORM® trade fair will once again make the city a key point on the industrial map of Poland.

The 5th International INNOFORM® Trade Fair is the only event in Poland devoted to injection moulding and its peripheries. In Bydgoszcz, located in the Polish Tool Valley, there are almost 1,000 entities involved in the production of special tools and the processing of plastics. It is an unrivalled place that is dedicated to specialists from the tool and processing industry, and which is why, over the previous four iterations, 1214 manufacturers have presented their solutions to over 12,000 customers.

The INNOFORM® trade fair is a complete event with deep technical and educational significance. Producers and distributors present the latest technologies, machines and tools. The event is also an arena for premieres and new products as well as a place for conferences, during which scientists and practitioners discuss current difficulties related to the processing of polymer materials.

As always, INNOFORM®’s greatest asset is the rich and carefully curated range of products and services that exhibitors offer at their booths. The organisers have also taken great care in preparing a valuable and substantive accompanying programme that focuses on the challenges currently facing the industry. This year's Tools and Processing Conference will address the subject of industry 4.0. in the special tools and processing industry and the problem of shortening global value chains as an opportunity for industry enterprises.

Putting Industry 4.0 into practise is one of the key challenges for the tool and processing industry. Solutions such as digitisation, automation and robotisation create great opportunities for the dynamic development of enterprises, but also require appropriate financial and human resources in companies. Speakers on this panel will be specialists in the field of robotisation and automation of industry, as well as entrepreneurs who will talk about how Industry 4.0 solutions have been successfully implemented by using case studies from their factories.

Another important issue for the industry are those related to global value chains. Panellists will talk about how to adapt oneself to the new reality, and how to transfer production from China. Shortening global value chains is a great opportunity for the development of industry. Moving production to Europe and thus closer to end-users may create an opportunity for new projects and larger orders. The challenges faced by companies willing to take up this challenge will also be discussed.

A company's success largely depends on contacts that translate into new orders. During previous INNOFORM® Trade Fairs, the Industrial Services Zone enjoyed great interest, which was an ideal space for building long-term business relationships. Thanks to positive feedback, the organisers have decided to again provide such a zone this year. Subcontracting companies providing services in the fields of mould production, materials processing, tool regeneration and machine repairs will take part in it.

There will also be the highly-regarded Brokerage Event, which this year will take on a hybrid form. Talks will be held either in the form of traditional sit-down meetings during the fair, or via a special internet platform. This offer will be complemented by the Career Zone, in which you can find both new jobs and valuable employees.

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