About the session:

Digital Transformation should be seen as essential to keep industrial companies competitive, promote new business models, and drive new value chains. However, if not well managed, this may be an expensive and not risk-free process. Therefore, it is necessary to guarantee that companies, mainly SMEs, have the tools to implement this digital evolution effectively, strongly focused on the return of investment. Thus, this webinar will explore the tools and methodologies that should be used to drive, in the best way, the digital evolution towards industry 4.0. Finally, successful use cases of 4.0 emergent technologies adoption with business impact in textile and aerospace industries will be presented.


Day: February 18th 2021Schedule:  3:30 – 4:15 pm CET

  • 5 min introduction by Maria João Samúdio, PRODUTECH
  • 25 min “Advanced Technologies for Textiles and Aerospace sectors: First steps to address digitalisation and applicable technologies examples” by António Henrique Almeida, Senior researcher INESC-TEC (Tec4Industry, Centre for Enterprise Systems Engineering)
  • 15 min Q&A
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