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About us

Waste Management and Recycling Cluster is supraregional in nature and covers the region of eight voivodeships. As of now it is at the initial stage - the organisation.

Due to the cluster development plans and the growing interest in cluster membership of new enterprises, it is expected in the near future to extend cooperation and admittance of new businesses, institutions, organisations operating in the waste management industry and related industries (supplementary) to the Cluster. In order to join the cluster, please send the Cluster’s declaration of accession to the address of the Cluster’s Coordinator.

The Waste Management and Recycling Cluster aims to increase competitiveness, effectiveness of using possessed resources and the exchange of knowledge. It offers the possibility of implementing innovative products onto the market by the companies belonging to the cluster.

    Established - 29 May 2011
    Staff in the management team - 1-5

    Cluster composition

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      Cluster Members
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      Number of start-ups among SME's
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      Large Companies
    • 30
      Research Organisations, Universities, Technology Centers
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    Cluster Succes Story :

    The initiative for creation a waste management and recycling was born in 2011, by the companies from the waste sector engaged in Skierniewice in August 2011. Those companies decided to establish an entiotity to help each other in regards of the sector focusing on their coverage area of the Lodz region and Mazowieckie. The cluster is based on the existing cooperation between businesses of waste management with companies providing consultancy services, research and development institutions and the business environment entities. After few years cluster hase became a supra-regional organizations covering and influencing the provinces of Lower Silesia, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Lublin, Lodz Mazowieckie, Malopolskie, Slaskie, Swietokrzyskie, Wielkopolska and West part of Poland.

    Achievements :

    • The systematic increase in the number of members and a growing interest in joining the cluster from businesses and organizations and institutions of science
    •  Territorial development of the cluster
    • The development of international cooperation with international clusters and entrepreneurs
    • The intensification of internationalization Cluster
    • The development of member companies through participation in numerous projects: Many of our members work within the EU (eg. Horizon2020, KIC raw materials) and national funds (eg. NCBR)
    • Through the development of networking and cooperation of companies associated in the cluster, new entities has been created like : startup, spin-off and the business environment institutions some of them are : Foreco Sp z.o.o. - Start-up, the production of alternative fuels, Association of Employers Chamber of Recycling and Recovery - institution of business environment, Darmark Sp z.o.o. - Spin-off - a unique customer service model,The company obtained the coordinator of the Cluster and implemented Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2008, Cluster Coordinator - Cooperation Center Recycling - not for profit system Sp. z.o.o in the years 2014/2015 responsible for project ,,Cooperation Center Recycling - not for profit system - socially responsible coordinator of the waste management cluster consisting in the implementation of CSR within the project,, Increasing the competitiveness of regions through corporate social responsibility (CSR) ' 'financed by the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme. Implementation of the project ended on February 28, 2015.
    • With aspirations Cluster recycling was included in the list of national smart specialization - KIS 11. MINIMIZE THE PRODUCTION OF WASTE, INCLUDING UNFIT MATERIALS
    • As a result of the development of the cluster in November 2015 it created a scientific project called Recycle Academy which was created for the purpose of educating the public and business entities operating in the sensitive and specific sectors, in order to create a "recycling society".
    • From December 2015 cluster as a result of the development commenced operations of a lobbying in order to repair the current provisions in environmental protection law
    • Cluster participate in all the major trade fairs (Eco Tech in Kielce, Poleco System in Poznan, Plastpol in Kielce, Warsaw Pack in Warsaw)

    Knowledge transfers made within the cluster :

    • Institute of Mechanized Construction and Rock Mining in Warsaw - working together on a project -ROW deliberate no-III-174/2011 - the development of technologies and equipment for dismantling cathode ray tubes. Chief Technical Organization Federation of the Scientific - Technical - NOT Innovation Centre in Warsaw
    • Scientific Consortium called POLREMET concluded between the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow and Warsaw University of Technology and P.P.H.U Polblume Zbigniew Miazga
    Legal form of the cluster organisation
    Languages spoken
    English Polish
    Link to the team description on the cluster organisation website

    Management team

    Katarzyna Błachowicz
    Cluster Manager
    Joanna Kulczycka
    Internationalisation Responsible

    Sectorial and industrial focus

    Sectoral industries
    Sectoral Industries (NACE 4 digit)
    Cross-sectoral industries
    Digital Industries
    Industrial Alliances and Ecosystems
    Technology fields
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    Support services provided

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    Further information

    • creating a network of cooperation in the field of industrial waste management and processing,
    • supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the cluster's area of operation and creating conditions for an effective commercialisation of results of research conducted by universities and research institutes,
    • supporting cooperation network entities in boosting their competitiveness, implementing product, organisation or processes innovations as well as in the development of balanced technologies, human resources and export,
    • joining and developing resources and competition in the cluster's area of operation, in view to effectively employ already exiting possibilities and chances related with the development of the region's knowledge-based economy,
    • external representation of cooperation network entities, including participation in both national and international fairs, missions, meetings and discussion panels,
    • promoting activity of the cluster and its members, as well as promoting waste use in manufacturing,
    • conducting lobbing activities,
    • legal, marketing and technology consulting aiming to implement onto the polish and foreign markets new product and technological solutions,
    • consulting regarding financial aid for the promotion of activities, development and implementation of innovation of entities associated in the cluster, including funds for developing collective projects from UE and other funds,
    • organising training, seminars and sector conferences.

    Support programmes

    EU Programmes

    European Programmes

    Name & description

    The development of member companies through participation in numerous projects: Many of our members work within the EU (eg. Horizon2020, KIC raw materials) and national funds (eg. NCBR). The newest ones are :

    1. DIFASS - support the transnational transfer of selected examples of good practice on innovative business (INTERREG IVC 2012-2014)

    2. PCREC - Product Centric Recycling project (KIC Raw Materials 2016-2018)

    3.Refresco - The RefresCO proposal concerns a multidisciplinary offer for professional refreshment courses into the raw materials sectors, as explained in previous sections. Professional refreshment courses will be implemented starting from a survey of potential targets, potential topics of interest, potential tools to be used for their implementation. (KIC Raw Material 2016-2018)

    Project name

    DIFASS - The regions participating in the DIFASS project have teamed up to exchange experiences on innovative business support measures established in their own regions and to support the transnational transfer of selected examples of good practice towards other regions.

    Cooperation activities

    International cooperation

    Targeted countries

    United States

    Transnational cooperation

    Targeted countries

    Czech Republic

    Transnational support activites

    Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs

    International support activites

    Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs

    Further information

    Information about the activities of the cluster and the offer of cooperation was sent by email to different clusters outside the EU, our representative were all the time in contact with representants of other cluster in order to establish contact and cooperation.

    Members of the cluster and cluster representatives participated in numerous foreign fairs and conferences like :

    • Environmental Protection Fair in China
    • Study organized by companies associated in the Cluster to companies about-identical or very similar activity in Ukraine, Russia, China, Australia, Romania, Georgia
    • Conference on mineral resources organized by the European Commission within the framework of the EIT
    • Second symposium on urban mining in Bergamo

    With addition with Polish fairs and symposia like :

    • International Conference on Recycling of Non-Ferrous Metals in Kraków
    • Cluster presentation during a study visit from representatives of clusters of Wallonia region of Mazowsze, in cooperation with Mazowieckie Marshal's Office in Warsaw
    • Cluster presentation at a seminar organized for the Japanese mission consisting of representatives of the waste management sector "Jetro Japan External Trade Organization Municipal Waste Market Regulation in Poland"
    • Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, meeting with representatives of the cooperative B2B clusters of the Nord-Pas de Calais, France
    • Conference : "Mining as an im strategy industry" in Warsaw
    • Conference : "Polish raw material strategy" in Warsaw
    • Conference : "The impact of economic co-operation of large mining companies with the SME, on the sustainable development of mining regions" in Katowice
    • Conference : "Environmental protection and sustainable development of the mining industry" in Kraków

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