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Integrate the capacities of the whole range of institutions, self-governing bodies, business entities in favor of development and implementation Smart City concept and urban regions in Slovakia. Slovak Smart City Cluster is aware that term “smart” is very often associated only with technological aspects, underlines the fact that technologies represents only a part of “smart” quality. Technological innovations can be effectively and efficiently used for the benefit of people only if they are connected with human needs and at the same time understandable, accessible and easy to use for different social groups of the population.

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The successful Slovak Smart City Cluster initiative was created as a response to this development not only in the Slovak business environment, but also in local governments, especially in the context of developing new synergies that we need for the 21st century economy integrating innovation in data processing, sustainable energy sources and their sustainable use and the common economy. The Slovak Smart Cities Cluster as an interest association of legal entities integrating representatives of the business environment, carriers of technological innovations, representatives of public administration and academia is open to all entities interested in supporting the development, promotion and dissemination of smart cities and urban regions in Slovakia. The interest of 4 sectors in membership and cooperation guarantees success in the implementation of innovative projects.

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Marta Kurpašová
Cluster Manager

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In order to develop and promote the Smart City concept in the Slovak Republic, the Association focuses on: a) support, promotion and awareness raising of the Smart City concept,
 b) interconnection of the academic and commercial spheres in the field of Smart City and transfer of know-how,
 c) cooperation with other organizations and interest groups with a similar subject of activity,
 d) co-operation with state administration and self-government bodies in the preparation and commenting of conceptual documents and relevant legal norms. To fulfill these tasks, the association implements and supports a number of activities such as:
a) Creating a platform for sharing experiences, generally accepted standards and practices as well as challenges faced by Smart City professionals through:

(i) regular meetings / discussions of members of the Association and working groups;

b) Development and promotion of appropriate, certification schemes for the Smart City area.

c) Initiating and actively participating in discussions with relevant bodies, institutions and bodies involved in the preparation, implementation and enforcement of relevant legislation and the regulatory framework. d) Support and cooperation with universities, secondary schools, professional and research institutions for the implementation of research and development activities in the field of Smart City, including experimental activities. e) Initiating dialogue with public administration bodies, representatives of non- governmental organizations and chambers of commerce in order to support the development and implementation of the Smart City concept.

(ii) specific events, trainings and workshops on specific topics;

(iii) the development of the Association's website.

f) support for practice-oriented research, development and innovation to increase the competitiveness of cities and urban regions in the Smart City area,
 g) support of communication between business, public, self-governing and non-profit organizations in the field of Smart City, h) promotion of the Smart City concept and its individual areas, including the organization of cultural, social and charitable events related to the promotion and support of this concept,
 i) lectures and publications,
 j) cooperation and support of members of the Association in the field of marketing, information acquisition and sorting, education, joint purchase of selected services and materials, joint sale of selected services and products and other services according to current needs of members of the Association in connection with development and implementation of Smart City concept k) support of members or joint preparation of projects for obtaining grants and subsidies from the EU structural funds and other sources in the field of Smart City,
 l) processing of analyzes, market research, competitive environment and evaluation of economic and social impacts of innovations in the field of Smart City,
 m) preparation of expert opinions and assessments in the field of Smart City, n) establishing and developing contacts with similar institutions abroad and concluding cooperation agreements with these partners, o) cooperation with state administration and self-government bodies in the territory of the Slovak Republic and abroad in the development and support of research, development and business activities of its members and for the implementation of development plans of the state administration and self-government bodies concerned.

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"SMART CONCEPTS" Project "Smart concepts in local and regional development management" (Regional) The main activity is focused on the optimization of public administration processes through the implementation of smart concepts in local and regional development management for better public policies in all areas of urban development of Trenčín through monitoring and analysis of public policies, evaluation of their impacts and proposals for optimization. to improve the quality and availability of public services. The project will involve experts from 10 areas who will present training, conferences, information seminars, discussion clubs or lectures to representatives of public administration, self-government, organizations in the founding activities of the Trenčín City project partner, non-governmental organizations and the general public to spread information and develop cooperation in the field of smart city and smart region. Project focus areas:  Smart city and Smart region, Smart Innovative Managemen, Smart Economics, Smart Health and Social Services, Smart energy and smart buildings, Smart public infrastructure and transport, Smart solutions in the field of population supply, waste management and environmental infrastructure, Smart education and training, Availability and use of data for smart decision making and management, Smart financing concepts.

Project name

MAKING-CITY Coordinated by the CARTIF FoundationMAKING-CITY is a 60-month Horizon 2020 project launched in December 2018. It aims to address and demonstrate the urban energy system transformation towards smart and low-carbon cities, based on the Positive Energy District (PED) concept. Today cities have an essential role to play in tackling climate change by significantly reducing their carbon emissions. The PED operational models developed in MAKING-CITY will help European and other cities around the world to adopt a long-term City Vision 2050 for energy transition and sustainable urbanisation whilst turning citizens into actors of this transformation.The PED concept will be tested and validated in two Lighthouse cities: Groningen (Netherlands) and Oulu (Finland). It will be then replicated in 6 Follower cities: Bassano del Grappa (Italy), Kadiköy (Turkey), León (Spain), Lublin (Poland), Trenčín (Slovakia), and Vidin (Bulgaria).

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SPECTRA CE China is a part of the SPECTRA CE EU at the Slovak Univerzity of Technology as a joint research Centre established by European leadinf academic institutions in spatial planning at the Slovak Univerzity of Technology. The Slovak Smart City Cluster is represented by Maros Finka - President of SPECTRA, Director of the Centre of Smart Structural Development and Member of the Board SSCC. Presentations at SSCC conferences, promotional materials, events, promotional activities on the part of the partners create cooperation in the future as well. 

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Únia Klastrov Slovenska
Smart Solutions and Innovations Council
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Smart Cities klub
Czech Smart City Cluster
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