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About us

The mission of the CLUSTER FOR THE DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING OF DENTISTS is to create a platform to provide a wide range of dentists with the latest technology and innovative methods of dentistry.

The goals of the organization and its governing bodies are to build a strong administrative unit for business development, to gather a team of professionals not only in the field of management but also for а future project and contract implementation services. By effectively concentrating resources to improve competitiveness in as many areas of activity as possible, the range of opportunities for each individual cluster participant will be expanded. This creates opportunities for organizing groups of companies – legal entities, sole traders and individuals, around one or more combining products or services that will be attractive to Bulgarian or foreign clients. The cluster seeks to consider and adopt projects aimed at enhancing the capabilities of its members.

Among the main goals of the cluster are:

  • Ensuring awareness among the cluster's members and a wide range of dentists and familiarizing them with the latest technologies and innovative methods within the filed of dentistry;
  • Exchange of experience and sharing of know-how;
  • Introduction of new treatment methods as well as training in working with high-tech equipment;
  • Provision of up-to-date methods of dental treatment for patients, which in turn will increase their satisfaction;
  • Provision of up-to-date methods of dental treatment for patients, which in turn will increase their satisfaction;
  • Reducing the time of denture, aiming to perform all the manipulations in one visit within 35 hours;
  • Achieving higher productivity and, at the same time, improving the quality of the final product;
  • Reducing the cost of raw materials through the introduction of new technologies;
  • Research and development of innovative materials and supplies for dentistry;
  • Promotion of cluster activity;
  • Internationalization of cluster services.
Established - 23 November 2015
Staff in the management team - 1-5

Cluster composition

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    Cluster Members
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    Number of start-ups among SME's
  • 1
    Large Companies
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    Research Organisations, Universities, Technology Centers
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The cluster was a subject of advertisement and publications in the online media multiple times, and some of the relevant links are attached below:бъдещето-започва-от-днес-дигиталната…

Our achievemnts

The cluster management, together with its members are extremely proud, that during the first three years of our operation, we managed to establish a strong administrative body of the cluster, as well as to achieve a good mixture of members, including dental clinics, ICT companies, NGOs and Universities, Business Development and R&D organisation, together with suppliers of medical equipment & materials. We have set the operational models as well as our innovation strategy. 

So far, as our biggest success we can name the establishment of the Nano Dental Academy in September 2018, which is a training centre focused on technology and practical trainings through modern methods and technological innovations in the work of dentists and dental assistants.


We created the training centre in Pleven town, because we believe that in order to focus on the learning process, you should  escape from the routine of your daily commitments. Also, another good reason for the choice of location is the cluster’s close co-operation with Pleven Medical University.

We will take care of your entire stay as

The training courses, which are organised by the academy focus on the latest trends in the industry, providing the ability to indulge in mastering theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The training centre is equipped with 8 workstations with: a phantom, a microscope, an endodontic motor, a surgical motor, an intraoral scanner for digital prints and software for the planning of prosthetic structures. This gives us the opportunity to offer practical courses at top technological levels and position the Academy among the pioneers not only in Bulgaria, but at the Balkan countries.

For less than a year, we have certified more than 30 practitioners.

Legal form of the cluster organisation
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Bulgarian English
Link to the team description on the cluster organisation website

Management team

Branimir Kirilov
Cluster Manager
Svilen Mustakerski
Velika Andreeva
Project Manager

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Medical Devices
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Further information

The Dental Medicine Development and Training Cluster seeks to identify the needs of its members and clearly define the directions of its activities and services so that it is of direct benefit to them.

The Cluster team regularly meets individually with members of the organization, as well as with potential stakeholders, through which some of the most significant deficiencies in the industry are identified, including:

  • Lack of awareness of dentists about modern achievements in dentistry;
  • Lack of access to high-tech equipment;
  • Lack of knowledge of modern dental and dental materials;
  • Lack of knowledge of new technologies for implant methods;
  • Difficulty in entering new markets;

To solve these problems, the Cluster provides the following services:

  • Organizing and conducting trainings and getting acquainted with the modern achievements in the field of dentistry and dentistry for advanced training.
  • Provision of national and international speakers at the highest level.
  • Access to high-tech equipment, introduction and application of innovations in dental treatment and dental technology.
  • Access to specialized information for international conferences and exhibitions and assistance in participating in them.
  • Development of health tourism in Bulgaria.
  • Provision of a high-tech training center and specialized events to members and stakeholders.
  • Creating networks and links for mutually beneficial cooperation with partners from home and abroad.
  • Work with the State Administration and the BDA
  • Support, consolidate and protect the interests of its members.
  • Business management consulting for individual members.
  • Research activity.
  • Internationalization.

Support programmes

EU Programmes

European Programmes

Name & description

On 22.11.2017, the Cluster for Development and Training Dentists concluded a grant agreement under the Operational Program Innovation and Competitiveness under the Cluster Development Procedure in Bulgaria.

 The total value of the project is BGN 2 125 877.60, of which:

  • 1 274 208.92 BGN European funding,
  • BGN 224 860.40 National co-financing and
  • BGN 626 808.28 Self-financing.
  • Duration: 14 months.

The main objective of the project proposal  to provide information to a wide range of dentists and dental technicians and to familiarize them with the latest technology achievements and innovative methods of dentistry. Exchange of experience, research, sharing know-how, introducing new treatment methods, and training for high-tech equipment. In order to achieve the main objective of the project proposal, it is necessary to purchase and install the equipment for a testing, researching and training center in which it can conduct dental research and development training. The implementation of the main objective will also achieve the fulfillment of several specific objectives:

  • Providing modern methods of dental treatment to patients, which in turn will increase their satisfaction;
  • Reduction of dental prosthesis time, with the goal of performing all manipulations in one visit within 3-5 hours;
  • Achieving higher labor productivity while enhancing the quality of the final product;
  • Reduce the cost of raw materials through the introduction of new technologies;
  • Research and development of innovative materials and consumables for dentistry;
  • Promote cluster activity;
  • Internationalization of cluster services.

Project name

Оperational Programme "Innovation and Competitiveness" 2014-2020 (OPIC)

Development and promotion of a cluster for the development and training of doctors in dental medicine.

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