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The CL.USTER “A.GRIFOOD” N.AZIONALE – “CL.A.N.”– is promoted by Federalimentare, the Italian Federation for Food Industry, and by Aster, a Consortium that gathers the Emilia Romagna regional authority, universities, research bodies and associations of entrepreneurs.

The Cluster CL.A.N. mission is the safeguard and increase of the national economic system’s competitiveness with regards to the food-production chain in all its parts, from agricultural production to processing and to the related industrial sectors (e.g. packaging, logistics etc.), up to the distribution and consumption, through the stimulation of innovation, the promotion of findings coming from scientific and technologic research and the collaboration among research bodies, companies and public administration.

The Cluster CL.A.N. represents the evolution of a path which has started at the beginning of the 2000s as a response of stimulus coming from the European Commission and that has been shared by the main national actors in the whole of the food-production industry, in scientific and industrial research, in the production activities and in the suitable territorial institutions. The Cluster will in fact be able to count on the experiences acquired by the partners, who take part in multistakeholders initiatives such as the “Food for Life” Platform, and the “Italian Food for Life” network, running since the 2004,  which have contributed to the definition of the priorities in industrial research of the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes in view of Horizon 2020.

The great experience in research, industry and territorial administration of the companies that are partners of the Cluster CL.A.N. enabled the selection of key areas on which to focus our activities, favouring those that could have greater impact on competitiveness and that were in line with the national and Community policies:

1.      Nutrition and Health: prevention of diseases associated to the diet (obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular pathologies) and promotion of the health ageing (physical and mental well-being).

2.      Food Safety: production of natural antimicrobials, reduction of possible chemical contaminants, and development of diagnostics systems for the abatement of the pollutants along the supply chain up to the consumer.

3.      Production: implementation, optimization and study of the new innovative processes aiming at food quality.

4.      Sustainability: reduction of the waste and valorization of the sub-products, their use for the other food applications and not, and reduction of the impact of the agrifood industry’s processes, from the production up to the final consumer.

The goal of increasing competitiveness will be achieved by the Cluster CL.A.N through the uniting of all the most important and relevant national players of the chain concerning project initiatives that will have the aim of allowing the national agrifood system to develop and market new products and new services, to access new markets, to innovate the organisation and production processes also with institutions and the Public Administration.

Actions and interventions planned by the Cluster CL.A.N. are consistent with the Community strategic agendas because they relate both to the needs of end-users in terms of the genuineness and authenticity of high quality, value-added products, and, not of less importance, preventing and/or delaying the onset of diet-associated diseases (the so-called Diet – related diseases, DRD) through a healthy diet, as well as the needs of environmental sustainability supported by producers.

Consistency with the Community strategic agendas and a strong commitment to the development of international links are important requirements for the Cluster CL.A.N. when making programmatic decisions, also in view of the possibility to exploit the system of relations and the critical mass of the Cluster itself to increase the success of project proposals to be presented in the context of the calls for the next Framework Programme “Horizon 2020” and the Flagship Initiativesof Europe 2020.

The Cluster will make use of several instruments to pursue the goal of increasing competitiveness. Among these, priority will be given to the processes of technology transfer of the results of industrial research and experimental development results to the manufacturing and industrial network, together with training programmes planned in the  projects identified by the Cluster CL.A.N., educational and high-profile courses with the participation of both public system and private players.

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The Cluster is planning several promotion initiative of presentation of its Strategic Roadmap at national level, moreover is planning to participate to different initiative of BE a international level in order to increase the transnational collaboration

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National Technology Cluster call issued by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research on 30 May 2012

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Cluster CL.A.N includes 3 Industrual Research projects including Experimental Development and Training:

SAFE&SMART - New enabling technology for food safety and integrity of agricultural food chain in a global scenario

SO.FI.A. - Sustainability of the Italian agricultural food chain

PROS.IT - Promotion of Consumer Health: nutritional enhancement of traditional Italian agricultural food products

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