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About us

The Basque Energy Cluster is a non-profit organization which was set up in 1996 with the mission of improving global competitiveness of the Basque energy sector companies by facilitating an industry-driven collaboration along the value chains and seeking public-private partnerships. Our vision is to contribute to the positioning the Basque Country as one of the European references in the energy industry sector in specific energy fields.

The Basque Energy Cluster is made up of more than 100 members, including leading companies in the energy sector located in the Basque Country (energy operators, component and equipment manufacturers), agents of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network and public administration bodies involved in the energy field.

Established - 21 November 1996
Staff in the management team - 6-10

Cluster composition

  • 177
    Cluster Members
  • 101
  • 20
    Number of start-ups among SME's
  • 58
    Large Companies
  • 15
    Research Organisations, Universities, Technology Centers
  • 2
    Number of civil society members
  • 1
    Other Ecosystem Actors
Legal form of the cluster organisation
Registered Association
Languages spoken
Basque English French Spanish
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Management team

Jose I. Hormaeche
Cluster Manager
Ander González
ECCP Responsible Person
Marcos Suárez
Project Manager

Sectorial and industrial focus

Sectoral industries
Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply:D35 Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
Sectoral Industries (NACE 4 digit)
Manufacture of electrical equipment:C2712 Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus - Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply:D3511 Production of electricity - Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply:D3513 Distribution of electricity
Cross-sectoral industries
Blue Growth Industries
Industrial Alliances and Ecosystems
Ecosystems:Renewable Energy
Technology fields
H\: Electricity:Generation, conversion, or distribution of electric power
S3 EU priority areas
Blue growth:Blue renewable energy - Sustainable innovation:Sustainable energy & renewables


Support services provided

Internationalisation Support (access to third countries markets)
Facilitation of collaboration between members (within the cluster)
Facilitation of external collaboration (beyond cluster) such as matchmaking
Support of Research, Development and Innovation

Further information

The Basque Energy Cluster has a sound activity in the organization and coordination of all kind of meetings and joint activities between its members and external stakeholders. Periodical meetings and debate platforms are organized in order to identify requirements, opportunities and points of common interest, as well as to coordinate and follow-up the collaboration projects and activities launched by the Working Groups. These thematic meetings are coordinated by dynamic organizations which guide the activities of the group thanks to their knowledge and greater general perspective of each area. Moreover, the Basque Energy Cluster aims to identify high-added value training necessities and facilitates the interconnection with specialised training centres. It also helps its members to identify emerging technologies and business opportunities by analysing and reporting the market opportunities of the energy sector. Finally, the Basque Energy Cluster explores marketing activities in both consolidated and emerging areas of the energy sector.

Support programmes

EU Programmes

European Programmes

Name & description

Regional/National projects:

RECODE (Oceaneranet) will develop, demonstrate and validate standardised components that will contribute to lower ocean energy technology deployment costs and achieve long term costs reduction of ocean energy arrays components.

MARINEL (Basque Country, Etorgai Industrial Research Project) seeks to develop optimised solutions for a self-installing large offshore substation.

BIDELEK SAREAK (Basque Country) a joint initiative coordinated by IBERDROLA Distribución Eléctrica and the Basque Government and involving 13 electric companies and equipment manufacturers aiming at deploying smart grids to urban areas so as to increase the efficiency and security of the electric energy supply.

AZKARGA (Basque Country, Etorgai Industrial Research Project) formed by a group of 6 cutting-edge Basque companies in power electronics technologies, control electronics and vehicle charge management and supported by a technical advisory committee comprising representatives of the leading EV manufacturers, with the aim of developing an innovative EV charging solution by the end of 2016 that allows for full charging in a public environment in under 20 minutes.

WINDBOX advanced test & validation center for wind power, in which 12 organisations from the Basque Energy Cluster integrate and validate together wind power subsystems by means of advanced tests.

Project name

Ongoing European projects:

ELBE - Europe Leading Blue Energy (COSME - Cluster GO International): it aims to contribute positioning Europe as the world technological and industrial leader in Blue Energy. Following this rationale, the consortium will start with a selected group of key regions (Strand 1) that will constitute the embryo of the development a true pan-European Blue Energy cluster platform with a clear internationalisation focus (future Strand 2).

Past European projects:

REINAPLUS - Renewables Energy InterNAtionalisation ESCP project for European SMEs (COSME - Cluster GO International): It started on 1 January 2016 and builds upon the REINA pilot project in 2012-2013, which brought about the setting up of a European Strategic Cluster Partnership (ESCP). REINA PLUS will take the cooperation within the already set up ESCP to the next level supporting and reinforcing the internationalization of associated companies (especially SMEs) in the strategic markets of Mexico, Brazil, Chile, North America and North Africa, by fostering the collaboration and integration of their capacities.

TCE - Towards Cluster Excellency (Cluster Excellence Programme): It seeks to improve and strengthen the cluster management practices of the participating clusters towards cluster excellency. Moreover, it  will enable the participating clusters to provide more professional top quality business services to the SMEs involved in their clusters.

REINA (CIP Pilot programme) supports European SME’s internationalisation through the design and implementation of joint cluster specific internationalisation strategies in renewable energy growing markets.

The ‘Eco-Innovative Cluster Partnership for Internationalization and Growth (EcoCLUP)’ was established in 2010 focussing on eco innovative industries encompassing waste, water, pollution control, environmental services, energy, sustainable transport and construction. Strategies of internationalisation were discussed in these areas. The partnership cluster organisations participating were from Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and UK. The project was coordinated by the EnviroCluster Peterborough from UK.

The Atlantic Power Cluster, funded under the Interreg Atlantic programme was coordinated by the region of Cantabria in Spain and aimed at creating an adequate political and social environment for the emerging sectors of offshore wind, wave and tidal as well as enhancing the competitiveness and innovation capacities of the industrial community in the Atlantic regions. 17 partners from Atlantic counties like Spain, France, Ireland, UK and Portugal participated.

Cooperation activities

International cooperation

Targeted countries


Transnational cooperation

Targeted countries


Transnational support activites

Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs

International support activites

Support to collaborative activities/etc.

Membership in cluster networks, meta clusters and national associations of clusters

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Wind Europe

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Latest news and documents

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Delegation from Energy Agency Fukushima meets with 17 Basque companies to define partnership opportunities
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Basque energy and environmental sectors showcase their skills before a delegation from South Africa
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Basque companies in the offshore wind sector deploy their technical and industrial capacity in Copenhagen

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