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Together, let's build the future of the industry

The Automotive Cluster of Normandy (ARIA Normandy) aims the development and the sustainability of regional industry activities.

The cluster focuses on automotive industries, industrial production lines & tools, and Research & Development (products and processes).

Originally, ARIA Normandy covered automotive industry; now, due to automotive reducing business in western Europe, the cluster is spreading these activities to all other industries. A lot of commonalities exist between the different sectors (and markets) of industry.

Our project focus is "Industrial automation and IT”, “Industrial Supply”, “Production Engineering and Services” and “Research and Development” (machines and technologies for production, automation, monitoring systems, etc). ARIA Normandy has an important experience in automotive sector and is developing in other industrial sectors (for these SME). Based on our cluster strengths, e.g. high productivity and high quality industrial means, our important experience in automotive sector is fully adaptable to other business sectors.

ARIA makes life in the industrial sector. It helps companies on various items, on request, in the region.

In this context, the ARIA:

• put into perspective the market and technological developments in the industry sectors

• provides answers to the companies, public and private laboratories (inside and outside the region)

• support and promote industrial developments required.

Our priorities

  • An industrial framework constituted by SMEs, which are not always well prepared to international competition: provide him the means to be more competitive
  • The innovation is the key of the success due to world competiveness: bear or support the innovation projects
  • SMEs with an insufficient diversity of customers: promote export and internationalization
  • The sustainability, get a sustainable industry
  • The business diversification : West European automotive market is decreasing: diversify more and more to other sectors of activity
  • The difficulties of the industry sector have an impact on employment, but job offers remain unfilled due to lack of skills and linked to a decline in young people interest for some jobs in the industry: support recruitment, student interest and out-placement.
Formalised strategy
Strategy focus on internationalisation

Cluster composition

  • 630
    Cluster Members
  • 600
  • 130
    Large Companies
  • 50
    Research Organisations, Universities, Technology Centers
  • 30
    Other Ecosystem Actors


MIDEST Morocco

Our other current international action is the business development in Morocco for our industrial companies. This is a success with 10 companies internationalized in the Casablanca region. The yearly Casablanca MIDEST exhibition allows fifty contacts including thirty customer recruitments for each company.

Positive follow-up of the EU-IRAN Cluster Matchmaking event for the SMEs in our cluster

 Vincent CIVITA, cluster manager at ARIA NORMANDY participated in October 2016 in the EU-IRAN Cluster Cooperation Matchmaking Event, organised by the European Commission, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs and facilitated by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP).  It was a great opportunity to meet there over 10 Iranian organisations and make very good contacts.

“I would like to mention that during the matchmaking encounters and the visits on site, we enjoyed an excellent welcome and got the feeling that there was a genuine interest for our cluster. It is remarkable that despite a fully-booked matchmaking agenda there was a dozen of other Iranian organisations requesting to meet me”, says Vincent Civita.

The fact that the participation was a real success is also demonstrated by the initiative undertaken by the cluster to organize in partnership with FIEV (the French Federation of Automotive OEMs) a new visit of French automotive SMEs in Teheran in February 2017.

The Iranian demand was essentially business-oriented, based on the provision of know-how on quality (quality “à la française”) and the increase of the production capacities. About 30 companies came to Iran out of which 80% were SMEs.   

A couple of partnerships have been initiated but remained suspended due to the uncertainty related to the French elections.

The cluster plans to organise a second mission with the FIEV in Iran which would take place in summer 2017 and preparatory activities have been initiated.

Overall, it is important to note that the missions organized by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform are very important for the cluster ARIA NORMANDY and bring a lot of added-value to our internationalization efforts. Such events help us make new contacts and meet potential partners in countries that otherwise are far from our reach. ECCP allows clusters to open up internationally and gain access to the global markets beyond the usual fair participation of clusters, namely in two directions:  on one hand enabling SMEs to do (more) international business and on the other hand, giving the clusters the opportunity to collaborate on new projects.

Management team

CIVITA Vincent
Cluster Manager

Sectorial and industrial focus

Sectoral Industries
Technology fields
S3 EU priority areas
Cross-sectoral industries
Digital Industries


Support services provided

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Further information

1)            Innovation

The innovation is the key of the success due to world competiveness : ARIA Normandy bears or supports the innovation projects of the cluster members :

  • Realize the projects
  • Organize the project
  • Finance the project
  • Find the partners

    The main Research projects topics are:

  • New production processes
  • Production machines & tools
  • Quality / Safety
  • Sustainable development

    Innovation is an essential driver of competitiveness and corporate responsibility. It allows us to differentiate ourselves with products and services with higher added value, to conquer new markets, to better meet the expectations and aspirations of consumers and citizens.

    This involves five major areas:

  • Process
  • Organization
  • Marketing
  • Environmental
  • Products

    ARIA Normandy contributes every day to the agro-food innovation by support the tools and process research projects.

    2)            Competitiveness and Performance Improvement

    ARIA focuses on the competitiveness of the sector:

    • with network meetings to improve Manufacturing Performance by organisational innovations

    - Lean workshops

    VSM, Kanban, working conditions, JIT, SMED … It is hosted by a company in the sector wanting share its expertise in the field of improving industrial performance. These workshops based on presentation of a theme and its applications bring together more than 10 companies per event.

    - Experts Lean Club

    These meetings are built for employees with expertise in Lean manufacturing in regional companies to go further in the Lean process. This club brings together 23 experts from 23 companies.

    - Industrial Maintenance Club

    - Energy & Environmental Club

    - Training on Lean and tools: Value Streaming Chain, KANBAN, SMED, 5S, …

    • High-level technical workshop

    Screwing, variability of process manufacturing, Supply Chain, , …

    These meetings represent high-level technical exchange on a topic with a presentation of the state of the art by a consultant and a demonstration on the workshop of a company considering as an expert on the theme. These events brought together a company and twenty ten employees per event.

    • Deployment of the national Performance survey

    3)            Export and exogenous development

    ARIA also organizes the participation for several regional companies, to the subcontractors’ exhibitions, to promote export and implantation in Morocco, Romania, Poland …

    4)            Support for Employment

    ARIA is the meeting point between job offers and applications of the industrial companies. Several hires were materialized by these cautionary relations.

Support programmes

EU Programmes

European Programmes

Name & description

ARIA is involved in a regional program declining our actions plan for the economic development of Normandy.

Project name

H2020 - ICT 30-2015

ARIA is involved in an H2020 project (ICT-30 2015) with European clusters and SME (France, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Romania and Spain) to improve the Supply Chain Management with contactless RFID tags.

The main objective of MPENSO project is to develop, integrate, test and validate in real test case scenarios a complete IoT framework for the full control of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) processes. The SCM use cases considered in the projects are in the Automotive, AgriFood, Fishing and Aquaculture sectors.

COSME - Erasmus for Young Etrepreneurship

Also, ARIA is preparing a COSME-Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurship project in a new consortium.


in progress, building a consortium

Cooperation activities

International cooperation

Targeted countries


Transnational cooperation

Targeted countries


Transnational support activites

Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs

International support activites

Support to collaborative activities/etc.

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