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About us

The development vision of the cluster is based on the general purpose and objective mentioned in the Statute and the Constitutional Act of the Association “Agro-Food-Ind Napoca Cluster”, being to support the development of the agro-industrial sector, with the stated aim of supporting increasing the competitiveness of the association, as well as of each member, both on the market national as well as international.

In line with the development vision of the cluster as foundation, AgroTransilvania Cluster will become the main technology transfer center of RDI in agro-industrial field at national level.

The mission of AgroTransilvania Cluster is to become an active and viable partner in terms of RDI in the agro-industrial field for actors economic growth at the national level and a good model international collaboration practices.

Aware that the transition from a cost-based competition to an innovation-based competition is essential, the cluster and its members are focused on achieving this process in the long run. Besides the transition of enterprises / clusters towards innovation, it is also necessary to increase visibility as innovation-oriented structures and experimental research. The ones presented below can contribute to the development of innovative partnerships of regional and national impact and why not, internationally.

The strategy is, also based on 6 strategic objectives which, although relatively autonomous, are interdependent and are constitutive of a unitary whole.

1. Increasing the capacity of RDI in field of bioeconomy and strengthening the cluster image nationally  and international

- Development of activities research and development within the cluster by seconding staff with high Qualification;

- Creating added value from scientifically  bio field;

- Proposing and contracting innovation services / support for innovation dedicated to cluster members.

2. Completing and diversifying the RDI infrastructure

- Creation and endowment of laboratories, research for new development research activities and directions;

- Diversification of RD solutions offered at the cluster level;

- Involvement in research projects and signing collaboration protocols in the direction of RD at national level and international.

3. Utilization of scientific-innovative skills existing at the cluster level through the involvement of SMEs in the innovative process

- Attracting SMEs in activities of RDI of the cluster;

- Intermediation of collaborations of type University- Institutes RD- SMEs and signing collaboration protocols;

- Facilitating the participation of SMEs in RD activities owned by the cluster through involvement in activities and partnerships created.

4. Development of national partnerships and leading to growth performance of the cluster and members implicit

- Involvement of the cluster in activities of internationalization and participation in various events in order to establish contacts and strategic partnerships;

- Involvement of the cluster in consortia international agreements for the implementation of projects developed at European level;

- Facilitating and supporting participation members to various activities in order to promote and identify potentials partner.

5. Involvement in the development of scientific skills and increasing the quality of the workforce

- Skills development through exchanges of experience;

- Skills development staff by facilitating participation in training / specialization programs;

- Qualitative and quantitative development of RD specific working groups.

6. Increasing the qualitative and quantitative representativeness of the cluster and its affiliated members

- Information campaigns on the advantages offered by belonging to a cluster type structure;

- Participation in groups of work / topics at local, national, international;

- Cluster / member participation at events / economic missions /national / international conferences / fairs;

All the strategic and operational objectives mentioned above must be complemented by a integrative strategic objective: attracting investment and research investment funds, development, quality, in order to support the financial effort necessary for the development of the territory in which it operates. The cluster undertakes the effort to seek various sources of funding and potential investors - specific to the needs of the cluster - and to take the necessary steps to attract them to its members, in order to use them economically.

The complexity of the specific, strategic objectives and the general vision of development are on the measure of the ambitions of the AgroTransilvania Cluster, and, based on the quality of the members the cluster and the human resource involved, there are favorable premises for their fulfillment.

Established - 23 February 2013
Staff in the management team - 6-10

Cluster composition

  • 80
    Cluster Members
  • 70
  • 1
    Number of start-ups among SME's
  • 2
    Large Companies
  • 5
    Research Organisations, Universities, Technology Centers
  • 3
    Other Ecosystem Actors

Common Vision on Research and Technology Transfer Infrastructure

AgroTransilvania Cluster is a professional association of 79 members in field of agri-food (including input suppliers, farmer associations, processors, 3 universities, 5 research institutes, 1 commercial bank, 1 television, 2 consulting companies, 3 local/regional authorities, distributors, catalyzing institutions.)

Through its activity, AgroTransilvania Cluster started and developed collaboration relations in the field of representation, commercial, development, research, etc. with entities (commercial, of research, administrative, etc.) not only from Romania, but also from European countries, members of European Union (Italy, Spain, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria - to mention only the most representative) or not (Moldova, Switzerland, Turkey) and from other continents (USA, Iraq, South Korea, Japan, Cuba, Morocco, Israel, etc.).

The cluster acts as a pole of growth, innovation and integration in the agri-food sector, with in order to facilitate and orchestrate the related and complementary relations between all the actors involved, in a joint effort to turn individual competitive advantages into mutual benefits, and, subsequently, to pool all the resources held in a complex process of value growth added in the targeted sector. Fulfilling the development vision and strategic objectives and operational ones will generate positive effects in the medium and long term in the economic environment of territory, and especially in the sector of activity of the cluster. In the medium term they will strengthen relations with the economic, educational and institutional environment, as a fundamental basis for a later collaboration, and in the long run the effect will be more pertinent, the cluster leading to the reduction of disparities between the supply of the economic environment and the requirements consumers.

The mission for whom the management team AgroTransilvania Cluster has been mandated by the General Assembly of Shareholders is to become an Integrator Pole of Research, Innovation, Technology Transfer and Sustainable Development of the Transylvanian agribusiness sector (supporting sustainable competitiveness of the agribusiness sector).

Through the project „AgroTransilvania Cluster-Innovative cluster specialized in the field of bioeconomy ” AgroTransilvania Cluster created a local scientific and technological partnership. The 7 laboratories  (Laboratory for the control and safe of milk and dairy products, Laboratory for the control and safe of meat and meat products, Laboratory of instrumental analysis, Laboratory for genomics, Laboratory for determining bio- geographical authenticity and origin, Laboratory for the control and safe of animal feeds, Laboratory for determining the micotoxins / allergens from food and for developing the natural food colorants) created by the project are initiated through the involvement of universities and the Research Institute.

Transylvanian Clusters International Conference

Annually, AgroTransilvania Cluster is involved in the organization and promoting business-specific conferences. The Transylvanian Clusters International Conference with the participation of almost 50 international known speakers at a European level and over 300 participants from all over Europe, like makers of cluster policies, public authorities, financial institutions, support associations and European cluster management organizations, universities, research institutes, companies, NGOs and professional associations - 5 editions dedicated to the business environment were organized, annually, starting with 2015, by the Cluster Consortium from Northern Transylvania, of which AgroTransilvania Cluster is a part.

Matchmaking sessions

For cluster members were organized and promoted business sessions.

- Meet and Match - Product Incubation and Technology Transfer, June 2019;

- The EU-Canada Cluster Matchmaking Event, organized by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform in Collaboration with Canada’s Innovation Superclusters Initiative, June 2019);

Workshops and others specific events

- Workshop "Opportunities for the agro-industrial sector and farmers", February 25 2019, Cluj-Napoca;

- Workshop - How do we motivate women to develop businesses in organic farming ?, May 2019, Cluj;

- Workshop Farming with vision, September 10, 2019, Cluj-Napoca;

- The “Economy” workshop regarding the elaboration of the Development Plan of the County Territory of Cluj County, November 15, 2019, Cluj-Napoca;

- SME Organics: Increasing the competitiveness of SMEs in the green sector – 23 February 2018;

 - Workshop "Rural development programs in Romanian agriculture", event March 29, 2018, Cluj-Napoca;

- C-Voucher Circular Economy Workshop Event, July 2018, Cluj-Napoca;

The project “Practical course - „Learn consulting, do consulting”

“Learn, Consulting Do Consulting” course: 6 editions (starting with 2014 until now) - a collaboration between AgroTransilvania Cluster, University of Agricultural Sciences and Medicine Veterinarian from Cluj-Napoca, “Babeș-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca and Hygia Consult SRL, for carrying out a project for students and master students, through which it is offered training in the field of advice and access to grants, covering and all related costs.

The project "8 x S3 = INTELLIGENT ROMANIA"

Within this project, AgroTransilvania Cluster is part of a consortium of 3 partners. In 2018, AgroTransilvania Cluster obtained a financing amounting to 179,922.80 lei for implementation of the project entitled “8 x S3 = INTELLIGENT ROMANIA”, financed by the Program Operational Administrative Capacity, priority axis „Public administration and judicial system efficient ”. The objective of the project is “Formulation and promotion of a set of public policies alternatives in order to increase the competitiveness of the Romanian regions ” .  In general, the project proposed the following:

- Creating a model of regional structure capable of formulating and promoting alternative proposals to government public policies in the field of competitiveness through Strategy of the Agro-Food-Ind Napoca Cluster Association - AgroTransilvania Cluster -proposals for monitoring and updating regional smart specialization strategies (S3).

- Multiplying the support model for generating public policy proposals based on relevant regional structures at the level of all regions in Romania.

The “Learn2Do4Entrepreneurship” project

Within this project, AgroTransilvania Cluster is part of a consortium of 7 partners. In 2018, in accordance with the Development Plan, AgroTransilvania Cluster obtained 613,425.23 lei for the implementation of dedicated activities as a partner of the financed project through the Human Capital Operational Program, the priority axis "Jobs for all". The project consists of “developing entrepreneurial skills and supporting development initiatives business by promoting entrepreneurial culture in the North-West region, ensuring access integrated counseling, business start - up support, assistance, mentoring and mentoring through professional training”. The project is currently in implementation the drafting of this document being during the monitoring period of the 49 new entities established.

The project "Rural Renaissance - Fostering innovation and business opportunities" -PANACEA

Starting with November 2017, AgroTransilvania Cluster is part of a consortium of 16 international partners, with an allocated budget of 19,000 euros, funded by Horizon 2020, Call: H2020-RUR-2016-2017, Type of action: CSA (Coordination and support action). PANACEA aims to set up a thematic network to promote effective exchange between research, industry and the farming community, so that directly applicable solutions can be widely disseminated. Basic needs and innovative ideas are captured in detail to design the path for non-food crops to penetrate European agriculture.

The project „Food in Eco Network - internationalization and global competitiveness of European SMEs in the Food and Eco Logistics Sector ” - FoodNet

Between December 2017 and December 2019, AgroTransilvania Cluster was involved in implementation of the FoodNet project, financed by COSME, call COS-CLUSINT-2016-03-01, Topic COSME-2016-CLUSTER-1A support the establishment of European Strategic Cluster Partnership - Going International (ESCP-4i). Consortium for project implementation a was formed by 5 partners, and the budget allocated to AgroTransilvania Cluster had the value of 43,185.20 euros. The project aims to develop a value chain model that ensures cooperation between SMEs in food groups. This cooperation concerned the transfer and knowledge (technological and non-technological) and their exploitation, as well as the activities of exploration, emphasizing their collection and practical use.

The project “Tracking opportunities to develop and strengthen data collection and big data in agrifood chain to increase competitiveness of SMEs ”- TRACK

Starting with October 2018, AgroTransilvania Cluster is involved in the implementation TRACK project, as part of a consortium of 5 partners, funded by COSME, call: COS-CLUSTPARTNS-2017-3-02 (European Strategic Cluster Partnership for smart specialization investments), Type of action: COSME-GA (Grant agreement). The allocated budget AgroTransilvania Cluster in this project is 44,020 euros. TRACK aims to create an ecosystem favorable interregional to stimulate the matching of new innovative solutions with the requirements specific aspects of the agri-food chain, through investments associated with industry advanced food 4.0. This action will be achieved by modernizing the chain agri-food, by stepping up cross-pollination between the ICT / traceability sectors and bid data (TBD), in priority SMEs and agri-food industry actors. TRACK  increases the competitiveness of these actors, being closely related to Agro-Food S3 Platform on the section "Traceability and big data", by pursuing development opportunities and strengthening US data collection and big data on the agri-food sector with a view to stimulating the agri-food industry 4.0.

Legal form of the cluster organisation
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ISO 9001:2008; ISO 45001:2018; SRM 8000

Management team

Felix Arion
Cluster Manager

Sectorial and industrial focus

Sectoral industries
Manufacturing:C10 Manufacture of food products - Accommodation and food service activities:I56 Food and beverage service activities - Professional, scientific and technical activities:M72 Scientific research and development
Sectoral Industries (NACE 4 digit)
Cross-sectoral industries
Digital Industries
Industrial Alliances and Ecosystems
Technology fields
A\: Human necessities:Agriculture; forestry; animal husbandry; hunting; trapping; fishing - A\: Human necessities:Foods or foodstuffs; their treatment, not covered by other classes
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Internationalisation Support (access to third countries markets)
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Facilitation of collaboration between members (within the cluster)

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· Enabling Facilities sharing: · Access to private funding (connecting to investors, seed-capital, venture-capital, crowd-funding, etc.): · Provision and facilitation of access to training for members: · Facilitation of collaboration between members: · Innovation Management / Support of innovation processes (internal, external): · Direct advisory services: · Access to technology services: · Access to public support (regional/national programmes, innovation vouchers, etc.): · Access to the European Internal market:

Support programmes

EU Programmes

European Programmes
H2020 CIP/COSME Other

Name & description

POC - Competitiveness Operational Program Axis 1. Program co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund "Investing for your future", Section B - Competition code POC-A1-A1.1.1-B-2015 - Project type - Innovation clusters. P_35_476. AgroTransilvania Cluster - Innovative cluster specialized in the field of bioeconomy. The objective of the project is “to increase the capacity of RDI in the field of bioeconomy and strengthening the national and international image a AgroTransilvania Cluster, as an innovative cluster of intelligent specialization ”, by creating "Center for Advanced Research for Innovative Food Products and Processes". Project value: 4.2 million Euros.

POCU- funded through the Human Capital Operational Program, the priority axis "Jobs for all". The project, “Learn2Do4Entrepreneurship”, consists of “developing entrepreneurial skills and supporting development initiatives business by promoting entrepreneurial culture in the North-West region, ensuring access integrated counseling, business start - up support, assistance, mentoring and mentoring through professional training ”.   Project carried out with 7 partners. Project value: 2.8 million Euros.

POCA-funded by the Operational Program Administrative Capacity 2014-2020, priority axis 1 Efficient public administration and judiciary, specific objective 1.1 - Development and introduction of common systems and standards in public administration that optimize decision-making processes aimed at citizens and the business environment in line with SCAP. Project carried out with 3 partners. The objective of the project "8 x S3 = Intelligent Romania" is “Formulation and promotion of a set of public policies alternatives in order to increase the competitiveness of the Romanian regions”. Project value: 40000 Euros.

PNDR 16.4.a- National Rural Development Program 2014-2020, funded by the European Union and the Government of Romania through European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, specific objectives 16.a- Support for horizontal and vertical cooperation between supply chain actors in the agricultural and pomicult sectors. The project “Development of local markets, based exclusively on short chains of supply, in order to support the sale of fruits from the Crisana region”. Project carried out with 7 partners. The general objective of the project is to stimulate cooperation between local actors for the development of local markets, based exclusively on short supply chains, in order to support the marketing of fruits in the Crisana region. Project value: 135000 euros

POSCCE 1.3.3. Sectoral Operational Program Increasing Economic Competitiveness, Priority Axis 1 - An innovative and eco-efficient production system, Major Area of ​​Intervention 1.3. Development of a sustainable entrepreneurship, Operation 133. Support for the integration of enterprises in the chains of suppliers or clusters, Call for Projects SOP CEE-A1-DM 1.3.-O 1.3.3-2013, funding application “Sustainable development of the agro-industrial cluster under brand «AgroTransilvania Cluster». Project value: 200,000 Euros.

Project name

Horizon 2020, Call: H2020-RUR-2016-2017 (Rural Renaissance - Fostering innovation and business opportunities), Topic: RUR-10-2016-2017, Type of action: CSA (Coordination and support action), Proposal number: 773501, Proposal acronym: PANACEA, Deadline Id: H2020-RUR-2017-1, Project title: “A thematic network to design the penetration PAth of Non-food Agricultural Crops into European Agriculture”, 2017-2020.

COSME 2016. Call Cluster Go International COS–CLUSINT-2016-03-01. FoodNet - Food in Eco Network - Internationalization and Global Competitiveness of European SMEs in Food and Eco Logistics Sector, 2017-2019.

COSME 2016. Call European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for smart specialisation investments COS-CLUSTPARTNS-2017-03-02. TRACK - Tracking opportunities to develop and strengthen data collection and big data in agri-food chain to increase competitivity of SMEs.

Internship Project “You.Promote Business (YouPro)”, a collaboration between AgroTransilvania Cluster and Civitas Foundation for Civil Society - Cluj Branch, code project UK / 12 / LLP-LdV / TOI-575, 2013. The partnership did not represent a relationship of business, but a relationship between two organizations, which involves the distribution of established responsibilities at this stage of the project.

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Republic of Korea (South Korea)

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News Achievements Published: 13.05.2020
It was created the National Network of Clusters in the Agri-Food Sector in Romania

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