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The network of Brussels Capital Region innovation Clusters

hub.brussels is the Brussels Business Support Agency. It provides free support for businesses and shops in Brussels, helping them to grow on the international stage and attract foreign investment to Brussels.

Firmly focussed on the future, hub.brussels affords innovation and inspiration, not only in its projects for the city and its users but also in the support it offers to businesses.

For the latter, the Agency provides tailored coaching and guidance, networking opportunities, free tools as well as recognised expertise in order to make them more independent, simplify their decision making and succeed in Brussels and beyond.

hub.brussels supports and hosts 6 specialised innovation Clusters. These Regional clusters group members, partners and stakeholders from the private, public and research sectors.

The Clusters missions are to Structure ● Link & connect ● Guide ● Inspire ● Valorize

Each Cluster supports their members innovative and sustainable growth, and contribute to a strong innovative ecosystem.

Additionally, the Regional Clusters exchange experience, learn from each other and organise joint events and activities to strengthen cross-thematic ideas fertilisation, innovation and business creation.

The Clusters missions are aligned with the specialisation strategy of the Region and with the Regional policies on socio-economic development, with a focus on the following themes:

  • The circular economy
  • Sustainable construction
  • Tourism, event & cultural
  • Medical devices & e-health
  • Audiovisual: Film, TV, Post-production, Broadcast transmedia Webseries, Interactive Gaming, Virtual reality
  • The software industry

Our Clusters are strongly connected to Enterprise Europe Brussels and the National Contact Point Brussels teams for Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation programme, and well as other advice services from hub.brussels.

This makes it easier to provide integrated services centered on the collective and individual needs of the Clusters members.


More information and to contact the Brussels innovation Clusters

www.hub.brussels ● circlemade.brussels ● ecobuild.brussels ● hospitality.brussels ● lifetech.brussels ● screenbrussels.com ● software.brussels