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CTA (Technological Corporation of Andalusia)

About CTA

Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) is a private foundation that was born from a public-private partnership. For almost 15 years, CTA has been supporting R&D activities through financing, mentoring and cooperation with main Andalusian stakeholders, emerging as a singular multi-sectorial innovation cluster. More than 670 R&D business projects have been funded by CTA with more than €M168. Currently, CTA is owned by more than 165 companies, 70% of them are SMEs.

The 6 clusters inside CTA are:


  • CTA is a strategic alliance for innovation which is open to companies throughout Andalusia (Spain).
  • We help our member companies to successfully plan an overall strategy for innovation.
  • We are specialists in technology transfer and the evaluation and financing of R&D.
  • We have experience in promoting transverse projects which are based on the six sectors of maximum strategic importance for the Andalusian economy: Aerospace and Production Processes, Agri-food, Biotechnology, Construction and Civil Engineering, Energy and the Environment and ICT.
  • We have successfully pioneered our own unique model for the transfer and development of regional innovation.

Business innovation services

CTA helps businesses, universities, technology centres, public authorities and other bodies to achieve the maximum results from their R&D initiatives and transform the results into wealth creation and concrete business activities. Preferential terms for member companies. Some business services are:

  • Evaluation of initiatives based on innovative technology.
  • Support for the internationalisation of R&D initiatives.
  • Support for Innovation Procurement by Public Bodies (PPI).
  • Strategic R&D Advice.
  • Innovation Reports and Technology Scouting.

European projects

CTA has established itself as a leading partner in numerous European projects; it has taken part in various initiatives as part of the H2020 Programme, COSME, Interreg, ERANET and CIP. CTA has taken part in these projects:

  • AeRoTwin
  • EXCornsEED
  • ICT Biochain
  • DIVA
  • finMED
  • UrBIOfuture
  • MPowerBIO
  • DIGITbrain

Multilateral market

CTA staff has acquired the competences and capabilities needed to provide differential innovation services pointed to meet needs in countries that are in the process of building their R&D system, in which new collaboration opportunities in the multilateral market arise.

CTA belongs to the Andalusia’s Multilateral Club, an initiative of EXTENDA, the Internationalisation and Export Promotion Agency of the Regional Government of Andalusia (Spain).

Currently, CTA has multilateral projects in Peru and El Salvador.

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David Páez

Business Development Manager

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