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Cluster Agency Schleswig-Holstein

Support of Cluster Organisations in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany  
Program on Clusters
The primary aim of Schleswig-Holstein’s cluster policy is to bring together business, research and politics so that they can work hand in hand. The cluster policy fosters the transfer of knowledge and skills, promotes common goals and shared ideas, and harnesses the potential for innovation across sectors and technologies.The companies and research institutions involved in the clusters are working together to enhance their innovativeness and competitiveness. In doing so, they are establishing a shared foundation for dynamic, sustainable economic growth and for innovative new developments along the entire value chain. A good cluster policy therefore integrates economic, industrial, entrepreneurial and regional policies.
Schleswig-Holstein’s government supports cluster management in those future-oriented growth industries where the state already holds a successful record of accomplishments. Schleswig-Holsteins cluster policy is therefore in-line with the EU’s call for “smart specialisation” across Europe’s regions. Cluster management is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and by Schleswig-Holstein's own financial resources.
The state government provides all companies and research institutions involved in the cluster initiatives a platform for profitable collaborations – regional as well as cross-border. Successful projects and marketable innovations will generate new, future-oriented and highly skilled jobs for the citizens of Schleswig-Holstein. Topics that are predominant in the region and have the potential to become part of future cluster development are e-mobility, smart city initiatives, and interlinking with creative industries.
Mission and Tasks
Professional and efficient cluster management significantly improves the performance and effectiveness of a cluster.
Since fall of 2015, an independent, higher-level cluster agency has supported the publicly funded cluster managements in the design and optimization of their processes and structures. In close collaboration with the cluster management and the steering and control activities by State Ministry, the cluster agency performs the following tasks:
  • Encourage the exchange of experience, mutual learning and transfer of new knowledge through workshops and continuing education programs for cluster managers.
  • Support for the networking activities of cluster management through joint events.
  • Transfer of technology and knowledge, in particular through the interlinking of cluster management, competence centers, cooperation networks and relevant state projects.
  • Scouting and transfer of exemplary successes, instruments and services from the national and international cluster management environment.
  • Expansion of the impact monitoring and thus increasing the visibility of cluster initiatives - especially their successes - for a broad public.
  • Strategic advice on the further development of cluster policy and funding in Schleswig-Holstein.
Clusters and cluster organisations supported in Schleswig-Holstein by the cluster agency include:
Since its start in 2016, the Cluster Agency of Schleswig-Holstein has successfully interlinked cluster managements in common learning processes on innovative management tools and valuable soft skills. The transfer of best practices from national and international peers and the transfer of knowledge between regional initiatives constitutes the core of its activities. The agency has supported several clusters management in updating their strategy and successfully applying for ECEI quality labels. Schleswig-Holstein clusters and cluster policy as a whole are visible on a newly created website – www.cluster-sh.de.
Contact details:
Cluster Agency Schleswig-Holstein, Dr. Ulrich Hausner,
c/o WTSH - Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologietransfer Schleswig-Holstein GmbH, Lorentzendamm 24, 24103 Kiel, Phone +49 431 66 66 6-850, Fax +49 431 66 66 6-790, [email protected]