Managing a cluster requires, more than ever after the COVID-crisis, a large range of skills to ensure efficient support to European SMEs. This is why a “Cluster Booster Academy” is needed. This is a 4 -day intensive series of trainings offered by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform whose objectives are to:

  1. Provide learning opportunities for cluster managers to further develop their skills with regard to topics relevant to the cluster strategy, through tailormade training sessions delivered by experts
  2. Meet the needs of European cluster management teams in their daily work, in particular to have the capacity to offer innovative, highly professional and diversified services to SMEs
  3. Offer cluster management teams the chance to learn from each other’s experiences, discover new effective and efficient practices and tools, find inspiration for new services and business models through peer-learning
  4. Provide the opportunity to cluster management teams to co-shape new European value chains and interlink the 14 industrial ecosystems through the interaction and knowledge sharing
  5. Support cluster management teams and stakeholders in understanding and contributing to the European policies and programmes related to the global challenges, specifically the digital and green transitions and resilience
  6. Help in developing better policy related to clusters

During these interactive, hybrid training events, participants will engage in intense learning from experts to the clusters, as well as among clusters themselves, by experiencing a variety of training methods, speeches, etc.:

  1. «Frontal » lessons giving space for interaction with the trainer and among participants,
  2. Teamwork sessions on case studies or practical exercises through splitting into small groups to encourage peer-learning,
  3. Individual “homework” to translate into practice the learnings and debrief with the group during the feedback sessions to work together on corrective actions to be able to finish the training with a personalized roadmap so that the impact of the training can be more important and induce real changes in the management of the clusters,
  4. An online forum on the ECCP for the participants/trainers and speakers of the Cluster Booster Academy to keep in continuous contact between the training sessions to encourage peer-learning,
  5. Presentations and guest talks to learn from experts and anticipate trends and innovations in their industrial ecosystem to be able to drive their members in the right direction with the adequate strategic vision. When possible, these inspirational sessions could take place in a different format/place than the other sessions to facilitate the illustration of the presentations of the guest speakers or the interaction.

The open call for venue providers is running till September 16, 2022. If you are interested in hosting our very first Cluster Booster Academy, please have a look at the Call for Expression of Interest.