Stretching the collaboration between the Catalan Water Partnership and the cluster Water Council from USA

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 10 June 2019

The Water Council (Milwaukee, USA) and the CWP (Catalonia, Spain) signed an MOU agreement at WEFTEC last year. Since then, they have welcomed two cluster-associated companies from CWP: SIGMA DAf and CondorChem Envitech, as overseas members of The Water Council. 

Recently Beverly Ferrara, representing The Water Council met with Xavier Amores, Cluster manager, and Sara Gabarron, Project Manager. The reunion took place in Barcelona with the aim to discuss the way to strengthen their relationship even further and to meet with Catalan companies that are interested in exploring business opportunities in the U.S. by working with The Water Council. These companies ranged from fast growing start-ups like Bluephage, which specializes in environmental testing solutions, Createch360º leaders in intelligent control solutions and the Craley Group, innovators in smart infrastructure, to established companies like Unex and ITC Dosing Pumps, which are already active in the U.S. 

With the goal of offering new laces between the members of the two organizations, they facilitate innovation and business opportunities. For this reason, CWP and 10 catalonian companies will visit the Global Water Center and experience their ecosystem at a two-day event in Milwaukee following WEFTEC. 

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