SPAIN: Learnings and opportunities from the COVID-19 crisis

Submitted by Tedora Aibu on 09 June 2020

According to the article authored by Alberto Pezzi, the Director of Competitive Strategy at DGI / ACCIÓ, the COVID-19 outbreak presented great dangers, at sanitary and economic level, but also significant opportunities. Learning and taking advantage of mistakes for changing and improving is one of the best qualities of human beings and, especially, of good leaders. Some of the opportunities which were presented include: 

  • Opportunity to promote small town and rural area economic development: This crisis offers an unpredicted opportunity to promote a new territorial balance and foster economic activities in small towns and rural areas. 
  • Re-configuration of global value chains and reshoring strategies: The crisis has clearly showed the limits of global supply chains in certain industries and it represent a chance to rethinking the manufacture of products in a more regional dimension. 
  • Enhance human-centred skills and collective intelligence: This crisis could been have predicted and, possibly, avoided.

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