Pilot episode of Business Planet with Nanoprogress about the power of business clusters, ECCP and EU support

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 02 June 2019

On the 18th of May was launched the pilot episode of Business planet series on the Euronews together with an interview of the Chairman of Nanoprogress, Luboš Komárek.

The episode “The power of business clusters” shows the clusters as business hubs that maximise the potential of the companies toward higher productivity, expertise and competitivity. As an example, a Nanopharma company is presented who was one of the funding members of the Nanoprogress cluster. This company was accompanied by Nanoprogress through the whole innovation value chain and developed unique dry sheet nanofibrous masks and other products.

When launching the dry masks on the market, significant support was also provided from one representative of the EU cluster partnership network. The French cluster Cosmetic Valley helped them to open the French market and due to their effort, the masks got high attention on prestigious international cosmetic venues in Paris.

Check out the video on this link.

The interview “The Czech cluster boosting tech talent” pointed out the main services that Nanoprogress offers to its members, the international support for the SMEs and how the European commission helped to boost these activities. At the end of the interview, the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) is presented as an entry point for SMEs and innovation actors to join the European cluster community and to get valuable information about the benefits that the EU cluster ecosystem can offer them.

Check out the video on this link.

I would like to thank the European commission and representatives of the ECCP for long-lasting support, the European cluster community for fruitful collaboration and Euronews (especially Paul and Christophe) for two highly entertaining filming days.

Luboš Komárek, Chairman of the Board, Nanoprogress.

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