Global Protection Cluster to share protection-related information

Submitted by Tedora Aibu on 03 June 2020

The Global Protection Cluster (GPC) and its field operations are working closely with partners and governments to ensure the inclusion of those in need of protection as part of the national and local COVID-19 preparedness, prevention and response activities. GPC is a network of nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), international organisations and United Nations (UN) agencies, engaged in protection work in humanitarian crises including armed conflict, climate change related and natural disaster. This group unites members, partners and communities working on the full gamut of protection activities, including in four specialised Areas of Responsibility (AoRs). As a support action during the COVID-19 pandemic, GPC has established a page to share protection-related information and resources on COVID-19, including examples of operational tools produced by field clusters, which will be updated as they become available. 

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