The German "Go-Cluster" programme presents selected cluster success stories

Submitted by Lucia Seel on 21 February 2016

Initiated by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, “go-cluster” is a cluster excellence programme that brings together the most productive and effective clusters in Germany. These clusters are vanguards of innovation and reflect Germany’s high level of expertise in numerous sectors and fields of technology. One of the programme’s stated objectives is to support the participating cluster management organisations in their efforts to progressively develop their capabilities, effectiveness and management excellence.

In this connection, one key to success for highly effective cluster management organisations that are committed to long-term operation is that they offer cluster players a portfolio of professional, effective, demand-driven services. As a rule, the development of innovative services goes hand in hand with substantial economic risk. In light of this, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is using its “go-cluster” programme to support the development of new service concepts. As a fundamental requirement for receiving funding in this programme, cluster services must have far-reaching effects on the participating cluster players. Their service concepts must also serve as a model and it must be possible to transfer them with good results to other cluster structures.

But which service concepts were selected to receive funding? How were these services implemented? What effects do they have on the cluster players?

With a focus on practical relevance, this brochure presents new cluster services that were developed and implemented with funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. What sets these cluster services apart is that they are already being used with success in the respective clusters where they will continue to be offered on a long-term basis. The funded service concepts range from novel, creative event formats, new apps, and portals for enhanced cluster-related communication all the way to innovative personnel recruitment methods and new tools to support cluster players during the innovation process.

Let yourself be inspired by the success stories from the “go-cluster” programme. We hope that we can give you a variety of ideas for your own cluster activities.

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