Cap Digital at the heart of EIT Health

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 12 December 2019

Cap Digital has been named Core Partner of EIT Health (European Institute for Innovation & Technology), the European Network of Excellence and Innovation, which has just closed its annual summit in Paris.

The French members of EIT Health elected Cap Digital as administrator of the Co-Location Centre France (CLC France) of EIT Health, that is to say of the French "subsidiary" of this European network. This is a first for Cap Digital, which recognises its commitment and expertise on so-called Care City projects, at the crossroads of digital, health and sustainable city innovations.

By becoming Core Partner, the "glass ceiling" of funding is lifted and Cap Digital accesses the European board of EIT Health.

As a Core Partner, Cap Digital is given additional resources to support the missions and programs of EIT Health and to develop the innovation, training and accelerating activities of start-ups and SMEs throughout Europe:

  • Increased funding: no automatic limit is set on the funding requested by Core Partners (unlike Associate Partners who cannot claim more than 350,000 euros)
  • A voice that counts in governance: Core Partners benefit from a double voting right. Cap Digital will be invited to vote at the EIT Health France General Meeting and at the EIT Health Europe General Meeting (unlike the Associates Partners who “share” a common voice at each CLC during the General Meetings of EIT Health Europe)

With this validation, Cap Digital becomes the first cluster to join the circle of Core Partners and joins 65 major groups and research centers in twelve European countries.

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